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Brenda Donegan-Mom w/3 kids including twins gets abs with Insanity

We have seen amazing weightloss, huge muscle gains, and some intense cardio gains.  Here is an example of how you can get a six pack with some dedication and hard work in just a few months. Here are some amazing results from Brenda with good nutrition and the insane cardio from INSANITY!

“I am a full time single mother of three! Twin boys 3 yrs and a five yr old girl… I work part time waitressing, my son Mark
has Aspergers and we attend behavioral therapy three times a week and I still find time to get my workouts in~ After a terrible breakup with my children’s father and a horrible c-section, I turned to unhealthy measures to be thin… Id skip meals, eat very little and rarely worked out… At my Day one I wasn’t horrible but I was NOT healthy… I was depressed, tired and sooo moody…I wanted to be happy, I wanted to be fit and healthy and to set an example for my children SOO I was on Facebook when I saw Amanda Allen’s posts on Turbo Fire and Shakeology and noticed how peppy she always sounded so I emailed her and there began my life long journey to stay fit and healthy! Four months later and I have never been happier or looked better. I finally learned to love myself, take care of and respect  myself and I owe it all GENUINELY from the bottom of my heart to the Dynasty’s Support and to Shawn T for being so dang motivating and fun! I NEVER thought I could get abs after giving birth to three kids and suffering from an emergency c-section…like I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE! Well, I’m on my way to the stomach I always dreamed of and while its been hard I’ve proven to myself day in and day out that I am just as strong physically as God seems to think I am mentally. My life is challenging to say the least; my kids and I have been through alot but everyday that I wake up now and push play I feel energized like if i can do INSANITY then I am ready for whatever my day brings! Its changed me more than just physically, its changed my whole essence! Its cheesy I know but Shaun T put so much pep in my step! I hope my pix and story can inspire others too…I’m huge on paying it forward !!!!

Brenda Donegan

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