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Can I be a Beachbody Coach


Many people have been asking me, “How can I be a Beachbody coach?”  This is the same question that I asked myself in the summer of 2010 after having amazing results with P90X and the support of new friends on Facebook.   I had so many doubts about if I had what it took, I wanted to become a Beachbody Coach so bad that every night I would lay in bed and think, “Can I really be a  good Beachbody Coach?”  After watching my coach for 8 months and observing what she did as a coach I realized that I really could become a Beachbody Coach just like she was.  I want to share the results of my friend Stuart who is going through the same thought process that I was just 4 years ago.

 “I’m a single father with an awesome 11 year old daughter who is a P90xer in training! Currently I live in Modesto California, and I am an Air Force veteran that has traveled around the world many times to all sorts of countries good and bad and made many great friends along the way. One habit I acquired in the military was smoking, but I finally quit in 2007 after 25 years, it was the most difficult challenge of my life. In 2010 I turned 45 and my weight was right around 225 and I felt miserable. My life over the past several years had been a train wreck; I lost my Job, my car, my house and my marriage. I would like to think much of that was bad luck and there was not much I could do to change that, but I also ran into many bouts of laziness and overeating and it just didn’t help things.

During this time I was trying to keep my mind off all bad and stay focused on positive things in my life. I remember thinking; “If I could transform myself I may be able to see more positive things in my life and gain some confidence”, man I needed it! I started doing P90x and dabbled because I started so many times without finishing, like 6 times? Finally I stuck with it, I focused on the nutrition, and changes started to take place. I made many sacrifices in order to change. I weighed myself daily; measured my food, recorded my workouts, and took my body measurements. Every workout was 100% effort and the more weight I could lift the better. I did my Yoga, Plyo, and Kenpo. I prepared my meals each Sunday so I didn’t have an excuse not to have something ready, often I ate the same boring food every day. I set my goals before each workout and then I would envision what I wanted to become. Because of all those sacrifices I had proved to myself how badly I wanted to change! I changed and positive things came my way, many of them from Beachbody and those I met along the way!!!


results may vary

Currently I’m healing from some injuries I got from my last round of Body Beast, I was trying to see how far I could push my body’s limits and I did just that. Doing pull-ups with 90 lbs did some tendon damage to my back, shoulder and arm. I’m almost finished in the healing and therapy process, then it’s on to my next round of Body Beast! I can’t get enough!!!

I want to be a coach to become a part of a team, I really miss that camaraderie from my Air Force career. I can help so many other people just with my experience and willingness to share what works. I am not as outgoing as many coaches I see, I just don’t feel comfortable fighting to get people’s attention or kissing someone’s butt to promote something. My goal is to start a business I can take pride in, something I look forward to doing. Most of all I want to be happy doing something I love and enjoy success with others! – Stuart