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Far too many of us want to work out for a day or maybe a few hours and see results.  Well, don’t count me out here.   After my last pregnancy I wanted to have my body back instantly and I would work out for a couple weeks then quit and try again and again. But we’re used to instant gratification and obviously that’s not going to happen.   Not only can we apply this to working out but to ANYTHING in life.  Playing sports, starting a business, potty training, cleaning your house, teaching your children, eating well, etc.  Just one time of doing these things is NOT ENOUGH and never will be enough. What has worked best for me though is setting a routine and sticking with it. My 3 main meals are oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, Shakeology for lunch (since I’m usually running around with the kids) and dinner is the one meal that changes to keep variety in the mix. You know what you’ll be eating so it will help you from junk eating.

Not only will consistency help you see results slimming, down but you will start to FEEL HEALTHIER and MORE ENERGIZED.   Believe me I had a hard time with this, at first all I wanted to do after working out was sleep but getting used to it takes time. We have to remember that it’s not only about losing weight it’s about being healthy.  Do you stop after you’ve reached your goal?  No way.  Set another goal and keep pushing yourselves.  Be an example.  Know and understand that those LITTLE CHOICES you make in life will make a HUGE difference in the end, that changes take TIME but little by little you CAN turn your life around and you better believe that I’m not going to be that mom you see sitting on the side when my kids are playing, swimming, and jumping on the trampoline. You’ll see me right out there WITH THEM.