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Fit After 50- This UK Woman has found her REASON

Fit After 50

I love the confidence that comes from living to be the best version of yourself.  I was talking with Ally about how she is an inspiration being fit after 50 and her answer was simply, “I am that!”  Ally has been on her health and fitness journey for the past year and has completely changed her outlook on life.  She recently turned 53 and is in the best shape of her life. If you are questioning whether or not you can be fit after 50, I want you to read what Ally has to share and then make a decision to change your life and be a part of our family. Ally recently started the Shift Shop and LOVES the workouts.

fit-after-50, fit after fifty. healthy after fifty


“Ok what got me started was the usual seeing the hey I look slim in this.  Then I saw the photograph that backs it up and I was not where I thought I was.  I had been “yo-yo ing” and my anxiety and depression was through the roof. I didn’t think I could lose the weight.  I just woke up one morning and that was it. I believe you can’t force a journey, you have to jump on it when the bus is honking at your door. I feel great my sciatica has gone after 26 yrs.  I have been able to buy clothes without even thinking its gonna be too tight. Lastly I wont give up now or never my Dad has had 5 or more strokes and he’s been left blind unable to walk or talk and all we have is the biggest hugs and smiles from him. So how can I give up when my hero isnt giving up. This journey has been the most emotional. But it has helped me focus and become a beter person. I have had to face demons head on. I still have anxiety and depression but I swallow it down and tell it…. not today!!!!! I battle it cause i can.”