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Get a Six Pack- Secrets Revealed

The topic that is always brought up.  I want to get a six pack.  Who DOESN’T want a six pack?  The only problem is that it takes discipline.  One thing that we as a culture for the most part lack.  We have come to the point where we want instant gratification with everything in our lives.  We want a better financial situation, yet we lack the discipline to save $20-$50 per pay check.  We want to be fit and have abs yet we lack the discipline to work out for a few minutes every day.  We lack the discipline to change the way we
eat.  Why is it so hard to eat healthier?  It’s hard because we try it for a few days, weeks, months and we don’t see the results. This is when 95% GIVE UP.

INSTANT GRATIFICATION.  We get discouraged because we don’t see the results we want soon enough.   We need to understand the system.   Trust in it, put faith in it, and don’t worry about your results today, tomorrow, or the next day or you will set
yourself up for failure.  I will discuss the topic of how to get a six pack and what will need to be done.  Trust in it.


The statement abs are made in the kitchen is 100% true in my opinion.  Many think that doing hundreds of sit-ups and abdominal workouts will get them get a six pack they want to see.  This is not TRUE!  First of all abs are like any other muscle group and need time to heal and repair after a workout.  There is a reason Ab RipperX is only done 3 times during the week on the p90x schedule.   Doing more than this will slow down your progress. 

  1. Perhaps you already have abs you just CAN’T see them!  Increase your cardio and take shorter breaks in between your sets.  A good workout that will help you do this is Insanity or Insanity- The Asylum.  Add some swimming, biking, or running to your schedule.  Burn that fat off that is covering that already formed 6 pack!
  2. Watch what you eat.  This is not dieting.  It is living a healthier lifestyle.  Diets are fads that come and go.  Portion your meals so you are not eating so much at once.  Learn to make healthier choices with the foods you select. Choose natural, unprocessed foods for a sure way to better eating.
  3. Eat Slowly.  Let your brain catch up to your stomach so that you know you are full.
  4. No fast food. Fast food is high in fat and frequently low in balanced nutrition. If you depend on fast food for convenience, learn how to pack fast healthy food to take with you.  I personally use Shakeology.
  5. Get sleep. Your body works more efficiently when it has the proper amount of sleep.  Get a full night’s rest to help lose weight.
  6. Reduce stress.  Connections between high stress and difficulty with weight loss indicate that managing your stress will help
    you lose weight. Choose activities such as Yoga.
  7. Cut out Soda.  Cut out Soda and other Sugary drinks.

I believe that if you follow these few steps you will get a six pack that you have been wanting.  Remember that you must be consistent with your eating habits and your exercise routine.  These things MUST be done on a daily basis.  Consistency and Discipline will be the key to your amazing abs.  Post a picture of your goal “abs” and put it on your fridge and any other place you may be tempted to cheat.  Remember that it will NOT happen overnight.  Do these small disciplines daily and those abs will shine through in no time!

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