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Get a Real Job- Making $8,000 a month Part-Time with Health and Fitness

Get a Real Job


It’s Thursday afternoon and I happened to read a post on Facebook from Nina Walker (Link to her FB above) and saw how she was earning $8,000 a month with this Part-time income as an online health and fitness coach.  There aren’t many posts that stop me long enough to read them but she had me in the first line where she said, “I have been so scared to post this”.  It made me think back to my journey and some of my prior beliefs and so I read on.  I could relate in so many ways from not feeling way talking about money to loved ones telling me to not waste my time with that Facebook and fitness thing I was doing and to get a real job.  Nina is a member of our tribe mentored by a woman from my hometown that I had the pleasure of mentoring who has entered the Million Club with our company.  Nina has created a six figure income from home and also followed her passion of becoming an author.  If you are inspired but what she shares feel free to CONTACT ME .  

You can also order her book on Amazon CLICK HERE

get a real job, part time fitness business, part time work home

I have been SO SCARED to post this and haven’t shared my income for some time. BUT I AM GOING TO TELL IT TO YOU STRAIGHT SO WATCH OUT!!!! There’s just something about this INCOME that rubs some people the wrong way. Here is how this plays out for **some** people:

1) Shame on me for talking about money. Money should be kept hush hush and we should NEVER talk about it, wealthy or in debt, it’s shameful to even mention my income. (Ummm…forget that it’s DUPLICATABLE INCOME!)

2) Shame on me (a woman) for MAKING money! You know, I should put that all on my husband EVEN IF I really REALLY enjoy working and making a paycheck. And HEAVEN FORBID, if I MUST work, I should NOT do it for MYSELF. I really should go get a REAL JOB working for a REAL BOSS.

3) Shame on me for making more money than them (insert name of whoever that is). Because THEY work harder than me and really it’s not fair, now is it? I don’t DESERVE it. I got LUCKY is all. (Grrr that one makes me mad. Like they KNOW?)

4) Shame on me for making money in NETWORK MARKETING (Gasp! The horror!) You know that’s a SCAM and I’m making money off of innocent bystanders! (This one makes me giggle because everyone in my business WANTS to be here and they are ALSO making their dreams come true with products that are actually helping people, not dumb gimmicks.)

And my least favorite…

5) Shame on THEM for not being willing or able to do the same in their business or job or whatever. I have now TRIGGERED their insecurity by posting this and instead of being inspired to work harder or dream BIGGER, they’ll go crawl into a hole and stop working because it’s just not happening in the EXACT same way for them so therefor they think that means it will never happen…like, huh?

And don’t forget

6) I don’t believe you. You’re lying. (Insert song lyric “haters gonna say it’s fake. It’s real.”)

OH MY GOODNESS, I know, how can I presume that these things happen in poeple’s minds? That my income even affects others in any way AT ALL? My hope is that it inspires someone by posting this, by the way. That someone decides to go for it. To believe in themselves. AND IF IT upsets people in the process, SO BE IT. It is WORTH IT if I change a life!!!!

But, sadly, I know from the way I have been TREATED each and every time I post about my income that it TRIGGERS a lot of people in a NOT SO GOOD WAY.

So, for a LONG while, I stopped.

I didn’t want to trigger anyone.

AND I didn’t want to attract the WRONG people to my business and push away the RIGHT people. I didn’t want to deal with the nasty comments or mean messages. Heck, I even had a friend post hers and she proceeded to get emails from a fake account berating her and HOW DARE SHE.



Are you kidding me? We’re all adults here. And at the end of the day, ain’t NOBODY paying MY BILLS but me and Travis. We’re going to take care of business and YES we are PROUD to be beachbody coaches because we have not only changed our lives so significantly, but we’ve been able to change countless others. It has been one of the BIGGEST blessings in our entire life and I will NEVER apologize for it. (And PS: this income is just my business account, not his, and not my second business center, both of which make a few hundred each month.)

I have decided ONCE AND FOR ALL. I will never feel shame for making money!!!!! Nor will I feel shame for changing people’s bodies and bank accounts, for making friends, and for finding happiness in a company that I BELIEVE IN.

I work hard and I HAVE worked hard to get here. I SAW an opportunity and WENT FOR IT when most people LAUGHED in my face over it. Do you think I didn’t notice that a lot of those SAME people went and joined OTHER network marketing companies? OR that some of them even went and joined BEACHBODY? Of course, I noticed. GOOD FOR THEM!

It wasn’t that I got in “first”, though I DID get in before a LOT of coaches. No, there are people who got in years before me and don’t make hardly anything. And there’s those who got in years after me and make way more than me. TRUTH IS, this business takes a LOT of faith, a lot of GRIT, a lot of PERSISTENCE, a TOUGH SKIN, a GO-GETTER attitude, and WORK.

It is not for the weak of heart.
It is not for the quitters.
It’s not for those wanting to get rich QUICK because it takes TIME. It takes HEART.

Who is it for? IT IS for anyone who is TIRED of being unhealthy or unWEALTHy and ready to effect CHANGE inside themselves FIRST and then in others.

It’s EXERCISE (hard).
It’s NUTRITION (hard).

But you know what’s not hard? Having money to pay my bills, to go on vacation, to lighten the load on my husband. That’s not hard. You know what’s not hard? Being able to keep up with my kids. To not feel GROSS all the time. That’s not hard.


nina walker-book, nina walker book

***Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.***