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How to Transform Your Body

  • I want to share with you the current transformation of Carrie and how she has changed in the past 15 weeks.  She has been trying for about 2 years to lose weight and feel good about herself.  I know perhaps you are feeling the same way, you have been trying and trying and trying and nothing seems to work?  At least that is what we think is happening.  We lay blame to the program, or our current situation, or to our lack of time, maybe its that you “don’t have any time”   If you really want to learn how to transform your body you have to learn how to change your thinking.    Change your mid, change your life.  That is what happened with Carrie just 15 weeks ago, as she shares, ” I got my head in the right place”  Until you fully believe that you are worth it and that you can transform your body it will be like spinning in circles.  I’m challenging YOU right now, if you are ready to change your life begin by believing that you are worth it.  That if you can put the weight on, you sure as heck can take it right back off.  If you are struggling to get in that mindset and wanting to learn how to transform your body, I suggest that you pick up a good book and strengthen the mind.  This is my BIGGEST key to success in life.  The first thing I do every single day is to read for about 30-60 minutes a book that helps me to believe in myself.    Please give a shout out to Carrie for what she has accomplished in the past 15 weeks with the Beachbody Challenge.  
    How to Transform Your Body
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    I started on this crazy journey actually 2 years ago trying different programs (T25, Insanity and Turbo Fire) but nothing ever stuck and I never committed myself fully…. it wasn’t until 15 weeks ago that I finally got my head in the right place and got a little kick in the butt. So…. I started on Feb 17th with Turbo Fire and Shakeology and committed to eating healthy. I knew I had to do something I was so unhappy, I had a hard time having the energy to run around with my kids and I just didn’t want to do anything! It was time to make a change. Well needless to say in just 15 weeks I am a completely new person, Down 42.1 pounds and 34.75″ I am smiling differently and I am loving being active with my kids and I just have so much energy! I feel FREE finally! I am close to my goal not quite there but I can’t wait to see what the rest of the journey brings….

    If you would like to read the full story you can head over to my blog I wrote about my Transformation story there ”