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I Am Team Beachbody Jessica Seward Beachbody Coach Success Story

Jessica Seward – I Am Team Beachbody

Hi!!! I am Jessica! Here is a little intro to my Beachbody story!

As long as I can remember I struggled with Eating disorders, low confidence, and the disease of “striving for perfection “. This lead to multiple running injuries, stomach issues, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, constant negative self talk, and an overall feeling of Groundhog Day.

I withdrew from social activities, feeling uncomfortable in my skin… I felt utterly lost. I would look in the mirror and think… “Who is this person? ” “How am I ever going to find myself again? ”

We had recently been through bankruptcy, lost our home, our marriage barely survived, and we had just found out that one of our children had been abused. I wanted to give up. I felt I had failed at motherhood, adulting and life in general. The things that you think in life won’t happen to you had happened. I wanted to disappear. Or just arrive in another country with a new identity. Satan was trying to control my thoughts- my mind wandered with self doubt and negativity.

I gave up on my health. I ate everything in sight to soothe my emotions. Then I would self hate- HARD.

I had always wanted to try insanity… but it looked AWFUL. I was not strong enough to do something that hard. It was way out of my budget as well.

In January 2015 I got $100 for my birthday, I asked a friend if I could order just insanity max 30- it felt “safer”than the original insanity. I didn’t want to try the STUPID shake- I didn’t want in a challenge group- I didn’t even want anyone to know I was doing a program! I was embarrassed! I didn’t even want to tell my husband… I had tried everything in the past, L.Aweight loss, Weight Watchers, phentramine, hydroxyl cut, the Hollywood diet, Atkins, the hcg diet and shots 😳

I ordered and could not wait until it arrived…

2 weeks of Shaun T was all I needed to remember I was STRONG and I could do anything I put my mind to! I shed a few lbs and people started to notice, but when they would comment, I was still embarrassed & would change the subject.

In March of 2015 my husband and I took our family to Disneyland, I had so much anxiety getting ready to go. I thought we didn’t deserve it, we had been through so many hard things that I wasn’t even sure I knew how to be happy. I was in survival mode. Everyone says Disneyland is the happiest place on earth>>>> yet I was walking through it in a fog. Which made me so mad at myself!! After the second day I knelt down in our hotel bathroom and prayed to Heavenly Father- I asked for help finding happiness, for help remembering who I was, and for help moving forward…(throughout our hard times, I would often stock the page of a beach bodycoach…. ironically her page was called forward fitness- there were times that her posts on Facebook helped me make it through the day… )

The very next morning I had a instant message pop up on my phone, it was the coach from Forward fitness. She said she wasn’t sure why, but she felt the need to reach out to me- instantly my prayers had been answered! I knew it was time to make a big scary change in my life.

I decided in order to make my change, I had to coach. Mostly to keep myself accountable, and In hope that I could give someone the strength that she gave me someday.

Fast forward to now… Little did I know that making that decision to become a coach, to complete a beachbody program, has changed my marriage- my role as a mother- my ability to serve- my self-confidence- our financial stability and my role as a human here on earth. 💕

This company challenges us as coaches to help people lead healthier and fulfilling lives!! To me, that does not mean helping them achieve a “beachbody” that means helping others tap into their God-given gifts- reminding people that they MATTER- that they have something incredible to offer the world- and to shine bright#iamteambeachbody

Do you have results with Team Beachbody workouts and want to become a Team Beachbody Coach?