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I want to end my life- Somebody Cares About You

I want to end my life

I -want-to-improve-my-life

Have you ever known somebody who has gotten to the place in their life where they no longer want to be here?  It’s the words that nobody wants to hear from a loved one or even a complete stranger.  Most people won’t actually come out and tell you that they want to end their life but may give subtle hints.  I know a couple of people who have taken their lives in the past year and it’s a heart-breaking thing that leaves you wondering if there was something that you could have done to help them.  If you have been saying in your mind things like, ” I want to end my life” or “nobody will even notice I’m gone”. I want you to know that there are people out here who will love you and support you no matter what you have been through.  So why I am talking about this subject today on the Easter Evening?  It’s because it makes me think about the story of a friend of mine.  I want to share with you the life changes that Justin has gone through just by reaching out and asking for help and advice.  We’ve just had simple Facebook conversations and I helped connect him to some audios from Tony Robbins as well as some that I have made and I received this message from Justin last week which was the best transformation I have seen in a long time. 

“So I’ve asked you for help, and inspiration on how to turn my life around. No matter what I did, how positive I tried to think, life just fell apart.  By Christmas I lost my family and was suicidal by new years and I was close.  So New Years Day a buddy of mine asks me if I wanna go to Oregon and get on a boat, it was as if God himself had opened a door and was telling me to go.  So long story short that fishing job fell through, I didn’t care, I came to Oregon anyway, haha the “worst crab season since 73” is what the old timers were saying. I had people laugh in my face because I was coming out here from Wyoming having never really seen the ocean and I was going to be a fisherman? Yeah right! Well all those books you had me reading and videos I watched about believing and not giving up and always stay positive,  The Law of attraction, well I found a job! This guy took a chance on me and it’s paid off for both of us. I’m having the time of my life workin a job I’ve always dreamed of doing,  I’m the happiest I’ve been in a while….this is just the start of my success story to be continued! 


“Your videos and inspiration helped save my life, and help me believe in myself enough to come out here the way I did and. To achieve what I did definitely gave me back all my confidence and then some so thank you from the heart!”

results may vary


 Justin and I both want you to know that you will improve your life as you begin to surround yourself with better and more positive people.  Some of our favorites to listen to on youtube are Tony Robbins, John C Maxwell, Joel Osteen, and Les Brown.