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There is Joy living this life- Focus on what you want

There is Joy living this life

So we ALL have a TON of work to do as well as responsibilities in life. For example I am running a LARGE business from home, I have 5 children, I play in a rock band, and I teach the youth at church. I had a moment a few months ago when I caught myself telling somebody how TIRED and exhausted I was and caught myself mid sentence. This friend was battling CANCER and I was talking about being tired.

I went home thinking about that I didn’t like the feeling that it gave me so I wanted to share some thoughts I have come up with to help.


It seems that we are always exaggerating how busy we are like “I’ve been feeding these kids ALL day” or “I have been cleaning this house ALL day” Focusing on that, no matter who you are is going to FEEL or make you FEEL overwhelmed and like your life is filled with nothing but chores. It’s almost become sort of a sign of status to be MORE BUSY and to complain to our friends , our spouse, and our children about everything and all that we are doing.

When was the last time you heard somebody say, “I spent 30 minutes relaxing” or “I spoke on the phone to a friend today for a long time”?

If we spend too much time focusing on, talking about, and exaggerating everything that you are doing it’s going to take a mental TOLL on you. It’s going to make your life a little more difficult than it already is and also creates a feeling of helplessness and feeling sorry for yourself.

Focusing on and exaggerating your workload is also going to cause stress and fatigue because you are constantly reminding yourself of ALL the things that you have to do. Most importantly though is that it will take away your sense of GRATITUDE which is what I experienced in this moment. I lost my perspective and my patience.

You can lose sight of the bigger picture. I am not saying that there is NOT a ton of responsibility in my work life and in yours. I am in agreement with you that life is busy. Let’s accept that work comes with responsibility and focus each day on finding the moments that we can enjoy, focus on those, and share those with others. There is JOY in living this life <3