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Leave your Corporate Job | Beth Isbell

Leave your corporate job and move back home to family. That sounds like a DREAM and it’s a DREAM that Beth Isbell envisioned and worked for every day. I don’t know anybody else that works harder.  She has led her team to the Top 10 in Beachbody for 2020 and has her team in #4.

“I made a decision. I drew a line in the sand. I signed up to become a Coach. For no reason other than because a 60 day at-home workout program, a nutrition plan that was flexible, and accountability changed my life. I knew that by asking others to lock arms with me, I would be forced to show up for myself.

That desperate need for accountability turned into me finding a true passion + purpose. It CHANGED me. And as I changed over the years, my goals with my little business changed. I started to live more boldly according to what I felt like God’s purpose for my life was/ is. I overcame fear. I stopped living SAFE for the sake of other people’s comfort.

Through every shifted goal. Every vision board. Every uncomfortable decision. He supported me.

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And now- 4 years later… TO THE DATE… We are SO excited to be sharing that what started out as an accountability system for ME has turned into a big business for US. This guy is officially RETIRED from corporate America and as of next week will be working side by side with me everyday as we continue to dream bigger, help more people, and live life without comfort zones.
We did it, babe! I’m so confident we are fully living the life God called us to live.”

She’s also led her team to 10 Star Diamond Qualifying. 

I want to share a message from Beth in her first month to me on facebook. 

BETH: “I have big goals- and when something goes the slightest bit wrong or “off plan” I find myself getting discouraged and panicking! LOL I am working on that though.”

I really want to hit Diamond by the end of June. A few accounts that committed to coaching ended up changing their mind- so that kind of threw me off a bit. But I am still working hard! I have already hit SC 10 for this month (and I just signed up on Thursday!). I start my first challenge group Friday so I am looking forward to that!”

ME: Remember to stay FIRM On the vision and LONG term goals and realize that it will take TIME and its necessary to always adjust your approach. SC 10 this month already is INCREDIBLE and I know that you can and WILL hit your goal. I want you to know that see the next Lindsay Matway type of leader in you.

A leader will see potential in others that they might not yet see in themselves. It’s incredible to see YOU, Beth, grow into an incredible leader. 

If you are reading this, what are your GOALS and DREAMS? Where do YOU want to be in the next 4-5 years? 

We believe in YOU.


ZOOM CHAT with NEW coaches ( Beth Isbell and Scottie Hobbs)

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Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent
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