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Life by Design

Life by Design

Team Beachbody Coach


In just 7 days my beautiful wife Gabby and I will take off from Idaho Falls First-Class all the way to Rome, Italy.  We have an entire 9 day adventure filled schedule provided by Team Beachbody.  We will be visiting the Vatican, biking the Italian Countryside, touring all of historic Italy from sun up to sundown staying in 5 star top class hotels.  Was life always this good for the Hobbs family?  How did Scottie and Gabby create this life by design?  It all started far before I ever found out about Team Beachbody and P90X.  I used to sit at my job and scribble out goals on a notepad on how to retire by the age of 50 vs 65.  I would do math and figure out the numbers on how to pay off our home by the age of 45.  I reached out to a very successful millionaire business owner in Idaho Falls with advice on where to open up a store front business.  I knew that my life was not meant to be spent at a cubicle for the next 35 years.  I knew that my wife was supposed to be home with the kids mentoring them and teaching them from her example.  I have always had a dream of doing something more.  At first is was to be a pro-baseball player, then it was to be a touring musician. But things didn’t line up the way that they were supposed to.  One day, a friend introduced me to P90X and I fell in love with being fit and I found a way that I could be and feel accepted, I felt like I mattered to people. I fell in love with this feeling. I will share with you 2 videos below about our story as well as the sacrifices that we had to make to create this life by design. My goal intention is to inspire you to be remarkable and live outside the status quo.  I will get back to this topic of Life by Design after I let you a little more into our life.


We are going to Italy for 9 days and the amazing thing about a business like Team Beachbody is that we will still get paid while on vacation, as a matter of fact our income will probably grow as we are out living our lifestyle and enjoying the reward of our organization this past year.  With that being said I have a lot of things to do as a leader and coach.  I am running online accountability groups for our fitness programs as well as running new coach mastermind boot camps to mentor and teach the coaches on our teams to create their life by design using the tools that I have used these past 3 years.  Even though we have all these things to do I believe the coolest and most meaningful thing about a life by design is that you OWN your time.  You don’t have to ask anybody when you can have a day off.  You choose your hours, you choose your income, and you choose how big your team will be.  With that being said I worked my daily 10 things I do as a Team Beachbody coach late a night when my kids were asleep and we spent 5 days between Idaho, Montana, and Utah spending time with the priorities in our life.  I will say it again. We do not have to ask permission from anybody to spend time with our children.  We started off with taking all 4 of our kids to my bands benefit concert for the Relay For Life on Friday.  We then continued on to our cabin in Island Park on the North Shore of Henrys Lake for 2 days of hiking, boating, riding four wheelers, and going to a play at the Playmill Theater in West Yellowstone.



After spending 2 days in Island Park and West Yellowstone we drove all the way to Salt Lake City to go to Lagoon  with the kids.  This is a super fun amusement park with a water park as well.  A life by design is doing what you what, when you want, with your time.   I used to DREAD monday mornings, heck I dreaded Sunday’s from about noon on because I was worried about getting settled down and mentally prepared to tackle Monday morning.  Not anymore, our Monday was spent at the park with the kids as was our Tuesday.  100% unplugged and focused on our kids.  A life by design.


We are back home and I’m working hard to help develop other leaders so that our legacy can move forward and inspire tens of thousands of people.  It wasn’t an “over-night success”  it took sacrifice, a ton of belief, and hustle but I’m telling you that YOU ARE WORTH IT.  So why did I act and create this life by design?  Because I know that opportunities don’t come too often in your life and when I saw Team Beachbody I knew it was the answer I had been praying to God for to provide me with a life with more meaning.  I knew that it was God’s answer to my prayer and that if I didn’t give it my whole heart and soul I would be dishonoring Him as I had been praying for something to bring my family closer together.   Many people ask why I still work so hard even though our team has created all of this success around us.  The answer is simple.  God didn’t bring me this to make us huge income.  He brought it to us so that I would have something that I could focus on that would make me better and help me create a legacy that will far out live my life.  Why stop when there are hundreds of thousands of people struggling and dying from health conditions that I can help them reverse?  Why stop when people count on me to lead and show them the way?   This is my life be design and I challenge YOU to figure out what your life’s purpose is and then give it 1000%.

Was this all super easy and natural to me?  NO!  I want you to watch the video below about the sacrifices that had to be made to CREATE this life by design.


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