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Liift4 Progress Photos | Give yourself a RAISE |

Liift4 Progress Photos

Take a Minute to read and process these thoughts as you look at our Liift4 Progress photos

6.6 hours of Minimum wage work in our state of Idaho will pay you the same amount as selling ONE challenge pack to a customer.

That’s nearly an entire’s 8 hour shift of work. In order for me to sale that challenge pack, I don’t have to leave my 5 kids and wife at home, I am challenged to improve my own health, and have the ability to empower somebody else to also make positive changes in their life in a world where Obesity is an epidemic.

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I will let you read that again so that it PROCESSES.

Last night I had the opportunity to sit with my cousin and his wife as we discussed their goals for life of getting a home, traveling, and being able to go do their favorite hobby every month vs one time per year. We talked about how a coach gets paid and it got me so excited but also caused my heart to sink. WHY? Because they asked the question why do some people make it work and others quit? I hurt because some people don’t think that they have what it takes, let past circumstances hold them back, or quit before they even REALLY try.

I talked with them about how the first year was the absolute hardest. My first video on my Youtube talks about all the sacrifices that I had to make in order to build my business to a 6 figure income and I will never say that it’s a “walk in the park”. But heres the thing, once you stay consistent, transform yourself, and begin to believe in yourself everything begins to click. Selling a challenge pack, sponsoring a coach, and helping people through their transformations. When it gets to that point, it doesn’t feel like work rather an OBLIGATION TO SERVE.

I spent thousands of dollars to go to Dental Lab school and for what? A school loan and $22,880 a year income with no insurance or benefits as we brought our first daughter into this world?

That is BULL CRAP.

We need Dental lab techs, we need teachers, we need people in all these jobs but in order to live a good life without worry of bills and living pay check to pay check they need to get PAID MORE. YOU need to get PAID more. You deserve to go on that vacation, you deserve to put that down payment on your home, you deserve to travel to that place you always wanted to. So guess what, my cousin and his wife, I’m going to hopefully help them give their family a raise. One that they don’t have to lobby their bosses for. One they don’t have to go back to school for or leave the home for. One that they EARN themselves by helping others in health and fitness, all while improving their own health and fitness.

The opportunity is real, it’s better than ever, and I am ready to take it to the next level with those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  We had 9 of our 25 test group participants from July become coaches already because they LOVE their results and the community.  I’m going to show you some of their results at the 30 day mark below and make an invitation to you. We’re taking applications to join our September Test group below and looking for people who are fed up with lobbying for raises and that want to EARN their own raises by crushing it with our team( Also APPLY below)

Dynasty Strong

Let’s do this.

Leanne Simmons 


The inches are dropping off!!!
Chest—36 was 40
R-arm—11.5 was 12
L-arm—11.5 was 11.5
Waist—35.5 was 40.5
Hips—41.5 was 43.5
R-thigh—19.5 was 21.5
L-thigh—19 was 21.5
Weight 161 was 165.8