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Scottie Hobbs-Can you get ripped results in 30 days w/Insanity Asylum?

Scottie Hobbs- Can you get ripped results in 30 days with Insanity Asylum?

ASYLUM!  The name alone is enough to scare anyone.  It fits perfectly with the action of waking up early, putting on the running shoes, and trudging downstairs with the water bottle in hand.  Going downstairs to the ASYLUM.  Before entering the Asylum I finished 4 complete rounds of P90X which put me in incredible shape.  I had tried a few of the Insanity workouts here and there for a good cardio workout but had never gone completely through the program.   I decided I was going to go straight into the 30 day program and see what kind of results I could get with a cardio based/body weight workout program.   I made a video clip at the end of each day so I will put together a video of my 30 day journey.

The thing I love about Asylum is that really no weights or pull up bars are needed.  There are a couple of workouts where they use
them but Shaun T has modifications to help you get around this.  I love Shaun T’s get-in-your-face-and-don’t-cheat-yourself attitude.  He looks at you through the screen and tells you not to give up and to be a true elite athlete you must push through.  He makes these workouts fun by basing them off of real life sport moves.  You feel like an Elite Athlete.  I remember the first time I did the workout GAME DAY.  I was seriously SCARED.  I had a blast during this workout and felt like I was competing in actual races throughout the whole hour long workout and the time went by so fast.  During the mile run I felt like 20,000 people were cheering me on from the crowds and it pushed me to go harder and faster.

I am very pleased with my result pictures as well as with my Fit Test improvements.  I followed excellent nutrition and went from drinking one Shakeology per day to two a day.  Before Asylum I was running  a 7:30 mile and this was a difficult task.  After my 30 days I decided to try and run a mile as fast as I could to see how my cardio improved.  I ran it in 5:46! It hurt, but I was able to pass and beat my record by a LONG shot.  I was amazed that I was able to do this at 30 years old.

If you want to become an elite athlete do not pass up the opportunity to try Insanity- The Asylum.






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