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Shoe Sales in Africa

Shoe Sales in Africa


There is a story about two shoe salesmen who travel to Africa in search of a new business opportunity. 

The first man, shortly after landing in the country immediately calls home, “Baby, I’m coming back home. There’s no use staying here. Not one single person is wearing shoes, so there’s no one to sell to.” So he boards his plane and heads back home. 

After arriving, the second man says, “Honey, you won’t believe what I have discovered here since landing!!!! There is so much opportunity. Not one single person is wearing shoes. Everybody in this country needs what we have!!!!” 

The moral of this story is that there is opportunity everywhere. When we believe it and visualize that good things are supposed to happen, it will happen. We’ll find the right people, the right opportunities will present themselves, we’ll move in the right circles, we’ll happen to make the right connections.. It all starts with that opening in the mind.


Just like these two men looking for opportunity with shoe sales in Africa, we have opportunities every day right in front of our eyes.  I was talking with a woman yesterday who just joined Team Beachbody as a part of our team and family of coaches that was in the mindset that the “ship had already sailed”.  It was easy, after a short conversation, to see that there are still hundreds of millions of people in America alone who need somebody to encourage them, who needs to fight heart disease, who needs to reverse the symptoms of obesity, and who are looking for a better way to live life.  That was me 5 years ago.  The hard working guy, who took every overtime shift and available extra job in order to help pay the mortgage. The guy trying to figure out how to start a brick and mortar business without the extra money for start up.  Once I understood that Team Beachbody was my vehicle, I was able to put my heart and soul into helping people live a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle. I know that 10 years from now, my oldest daughter will be signing up as a Beachbody Coach at the age of 18 and there will still be MILLIONS of people who need help and answers, just like I did 5 years ago.  We are still only in the USA and in Canada.  Imagine the impact we can make once we have a good grip on taking care of our own backyard and then slowly and powerfully moving into other countries across this globe.  A mentor of mine one told me, “build locally, think globally.”

My question to you is:

Which shoe salesman are YOU when it comes to the shoe sales in Africa?