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Success Leaves Clues |

Success Leaves Clues

Jennifer Greenberg


Success leaves clues so I want to take a quick break from our family vacation to recognize this HUGE milestone achievement from a top leader Jennifer Greenberg. I remember the day Jennifer joined our team as if it was yesterday. I was running on my lunch break and she called me saying she was ready to join and get started. She ALREADY LOVED helping people with P90X and was blogging about it under the name “starfish”. We found each other through our P90X blogs in 2010.

She was the 3rd coach to join our team and is the TRUE example of “be here a year from now” But when I say “be here a year from now” its not just being here but actively working on growing and challenging yourself. You see, every year Jennifer asks me this simple question, “How can I be a better leader?” She has so much passion for her team and guiding them to achieve their goals. She is constantly asking about how to help them grow and hit their goals. They are always first and I get to see that first hand.

Jennifer’s first goal was to make enough money to get her nails done without dipping into the family income and was her “guilt free money” She constantly set goals and strived to achieve them. She got REALLy serious about Beachbody as a REAL CAREER after seeing  Gabby and I leave our full-time jobs and be with our children. This is where she got to ask herself the hard questions and decide to give Beachbody and her team 100% no matter what. She realized that because Michael J. Greenberg was working SO MANY overtime hours as a cop and she was working full-time career that they hadn’t decided to have children because they were never home. This became a BIGGER WHY AND REASON for her. They got pregnant with little Mikey, Jennifer went on maternity leave and never went back to work, and then shortly after and just over year ago, Michael left his $1,000,000 pension to be a stay at home Dad. He now is a volunteer with the Sheriff department to giveback.


So it may seem that it has been an easy climb to the top with this short story but let me share a little bit about the journey. It took Jennifer almost 2.5 years before she starting hitting Success Club every single month. Once she set that goal so that she could be a stay at home mom, she never missed it again. At the end of 2013 Jennifer, Michael, Gabby and I were sitting at an event where she had achieved Elite for the year, 9 star diamond, and success Club 5 every month that year. She then asked me. What more can I do as a leader in 2014? I simply told her. “Hit success Club 10 and raise the bar for yourself.” She told me that she had never hit SC 10 before and I simply let her know that it’s because she had never set that as her goal and her standard. She set the goal and here we are 24 months later and Jennifer is now a Success Club 10 All-Star Legend. It’s a HUGE deal. Diamond is easy. I have seen diamond achieved in 6 days on our team but Diamond does not mean bringing your spouse home or creating more time freedom. That is what Success Club will do for you in this business.

So ask yourself. If you haven’t hit success club consistently over the past 2.5 years, Are you calling yourself a failure or are you following in Jennifer’s lead and always trying to improve and grow yourself?

I am INCREDIBLY proud of you Jennifer and so excited to see the growth that is happening in your life right now. Ever since we talked the last night at your team retreat in Gatlinberg I have seen HUGE changes in what you are doing. if you are out there and want an incredible leader to follow, watch Jennifer’s videos, see what she is doing on Facebook, follow her mindset that I have shown and then add your own personal flavor and story. We love you Jennifer and couldn’t be more proud
Success Leaves Clues- Please watch her video to learn about this journey and how you can achieve your goals and dreams as well.

“Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.”