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Top Beachbody Coach- I Want to Help You Get Started

Top Beachbody Coach

I am looking for YOU


There is something super special about this picture to me. 18 days after the birth of Ellie, my daughter, I was sitting in my office at work feeling overwhelmed with the fact that the doctor bills were coming in and I had no means saved up at the time to pay them. On top of that, I knew that there was a group of people called coaches who were on a cruise in the caribbean being rewarded for helping people with their health and fitness programs. Here I am in a cubicle stressed out to the feeling of drowning and they are having fun and doing something rewarding.

I was a hard worker, I always have been, so why was I here stressed out and full of anxiety while others seemed to be living a lifestyle that was healthier and more fulfilling? Like any other good Dad or parent I will do whatever it takes to take care of the family even if it means picking up side jobs and working extra hours. But there is a downside to that right? Now you have LESS time for the kids and family and you are up to your head in work and jobs. Also not the lifestyle I wanted.

So I am sitting there with this sense of overwhelming feelings sort of like drowning right. I’m overworked, under-paid, and under-appreciated. I know that I can become a part of Team Beachbody but I am afraid of the unknown. I am afraid of investing close to $150 to get signed up and started with my new workout program and Shakeology.

What if I fail?
What if nobody listens to me?
What if I give up like I have on so many things before?
What if I get made fun of?
What if I can’t keep up?
What if I am not as good as others?
I don’t have a smart phone
I don’t have internet in my home
I have zero sales skills
I’m introverted and shy
I don’t have much time working 12-15 hours a day at my job
If I do this I want to be the Top Beachbody Coach

All of these feelings were scaring me from taking the leap for 8 months prior to this day, but that day the pain and fear of not knowing what to do was far greater than the fear of failure and I knew exactly what I needed to do. I needed to become an official Team Beachbody Coach. I already LOVED the workouts and the people, so why not join. I walked over to the fax machine and sent papers to sign up as a coach. People ask me all the time, “so when did you really start to get this business and when did you start getting momentum?” My response is simple. It was THAT day on April 11th 2011 when I signed up. That day my pain for where I was at in life was greater than the pain or fear of failing as a coach.

I am not looking for people with sales skills or degrees. I want people that are disciplined and hard working. I want people who LOVE to help and serve others. I want Mom’s and Dad’s who are searching for a sense of purpose and belonging because that was me 4 years ago.


As I sit and reflect on the last day of 2014 I feel blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude and joy for where we are at in life and how many people we have been able to bring with us on this journey.  I am not the Top Beachbody Coach but we started with small goals and gradually and continually our dreams, ambitions, and goals grow as we grew through reading HUNDREDS of books.  We have a growing team of over 19,000 coaches across the country. I am sitting in Maui with my beautiful family of 6 enjoying memories that will last for ever. We have no debt or financial burden whatsoever. I have been working from home for over 2-1/2 years and I KNOW the impact that will have on my 3 daughters when the time comes that they start dating and moving on with their own lives. They will have a standard to measure all men against since they have ME fully present in their lives through every step. I don’t have to miss a singing performance, a dance, or a silly moment in the morning. I get to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with my entire family. Nobody can tell me what to do with my time or when I have to do it. I finally own my life. A LIFE BY DESIGN.

This message is for YOU. If you are out there and find this post and have felt any of these feelings and are ready to take a leap of faith please click the link below to fill out the form so that I can see if your goals and morals would align good with our family and team. I am no pressure as I know that each and every person has their own timing. It’s time for YOU to start designing YOUR LIFE.