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Wake Up and Feel Amazing

Everyday I wake up and feel amazing can be misleading to some people but believe me, it’s all about perspective.  There are some days I wake up and just want to go back to bed.  I think we all feel like that from time to time if we forget how blessed we are.  Yes, blessed.  If you can read this post you are more blessed than millions of people who don’t even have a place to sleep tonight.  When I share that Stephanie shares that ever day she can wake up and feel amazing, I believe it’s more bigger than just the transformation you see in the picture.  She is putting her life in perspective to where she is NOW vs back when she was at 300 lbs.

wake up and feel amazing, wake up, wake up stand for something

Stephanie shared with me, “I started 80 Day Obsession because over the last year I had put on some weight that I had worked so hard to lose with 21 Day Fix. I started watching the original test group & began to obsess over their accomplishments & started feeling the want and desire like I did when we were preparing for 21 day fix! So I was determined to go all in 1/15/18. I NEEDED it! How I feel today vs before 80 Day Obsession is hard to put into words. Before I felt defeated, I felt as if I was back where I started 4 years ago, maybe not physically (cause I started my journey with 21 day fix weighing in at almost 300lbs) but mentally I was there. Criticizing everything about myself and forgetting what it was like to wake up and love myself. Since starting 80 Day Obsession I wake up and feel amazing, accomplished, believing in myself and my capabilities, knowing that I am capable of the challenges thrown my way & I am strong enough to push myself through something I doubted months ago! My journey doesn’t stop at the end of 80 Day Obsession and I’m ready for round 2, but more so to truly make it a lifestyle & show women and men of all shapes and sizes that we can do it too! We all have to start somewhere! We all look for someone to inspire us, to push us, to have someone believe in us, to cheer us on when we want to give up, to love ourself & if I am able to do that by sharing my struggles & challenges its totally worth it and I’m a happy girl!