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Why you should Exercize

Why you should Exercize


I think that I could honestly say that half the people that I know get little to no exercise. We all know the excuses and many of us including myself have said or do say them. “I don’t have time” It’s too hard” “It’s not fun” or “I’m too tired. I’m by no means a fitness or a nutrition expert but if you aren’t getting physical activity in at least 5-6 times a week you are setting yourself up for alot more pain than I think we can comprehend right now. I feel that you are missing out on and EASY and effective way to become happier, less reactive, and more joyful in your life. You are even putting yourself in an unfair disadvantage when having to deal with the struggles and hassles of life. 

In all honesty there are many mornings I wake up and feel that I have NO TIME to get my workout in. But now that I have been consistent with my exercise routines, I know that I feel healthier, fitter, more calm, and I have extra energy. You see exercise has proven benefits of releasing what are called endorphins which make you FEEL GOOD.

I know that raising 4 (almost 5 kids) now is not an easy task and provides a TON of patience. People always tell us that we are great role-model parents and ask how our kids are pretty well-behaved. It’s no big secret, after exercising, many of the small things in life that normally drive us CRAZY have little or no negative impact on us. Even the BIGGER problems and issues are easier to deal with.


I KNOW that exercise really does take some time out of your day, but I’m here to tell you that 30 minutes is more than enough. I think that is a SMALL price to pay if you spend less time sick, feel younger even as we age, have more energy through out the day, have more patience, and be more productive in all areas of our lives. Think also about how much MENTAL ENERGY it takes to be annoyed and bothered with everything around you. How much more efficient could you be at life if you are a little bit less reactive and more efficient as a result of moving your body for 30 minutes.

If you have struggled to get started with consistent regular exercise I suggest you find something that you can enjoy. Walking, Jogging, hiking, riding a bike, or even running on a treadmill. Do SOMETHING. If you want a great program to do from home, you know that you can also reach out to me so that I can help you find something that can fit your schedule and be something that you really enjoy♥

My guess is, once you start…. it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made!

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