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Win $100,000 with Weight Loss | 2019 Beachbody Challenge Winner

Win $100,000 with Weight loss

I want to share the success of what I feel is our team’s biggest win this year.  Chris Pandolofo started in our Virtual Gym just over a year and a half ago and he was just announced as one of the 4 finalist to win $100,000 with weight loss of over 165 lbs.  I want you to read his story and see YOURSELF living the life that you know you deserve.  I believe in YOU and your time is NOW.

Describe How You Felt About Yourself And Your Body Before Starting Your Fitness Program.

“I was 35 years old. Looking back, it is hard to explain just how incredibly depressed I was. I worked up to 100 hours a week as a security officer, I and was feeling increasingly isolated from my wife and two young daughters who I barely saw, even when I did get time off, I was tired.

At 35 years of age, I felt ashamed by my huge body; that I couldn’t see my feet over my belly. I hated looking in the mirror to get dressed, such was my disgust; I despised what I saw and what I had become.

At that point I truly hated myself. My mental state was reflected in my physical condition and I looked like death. In truth, I was waiting to die.

I was overwhelmed, in a very dark place and had all but given up. I could not have felt more wretched”.

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What Inspired You To Begin Your Transformation Journey?

One day, I woke up and realised I just didn’t want to die. That might sound melodramatic but at 35, I had already outlived my mother, who had passed away, aged 33, from obesity related health issues.

I now had two young daughters of my own (Connie -6, Olivia – 4) and I simply I didn’t want them to grow up without me and experience the same difficulties I had, without a mother. It messed me up in a big way and the thought of carrying on the family cycle of ill-health, followed by an early death absolutely petrified me, more than death itself.

I also had to do better for my wife. Hayley and I met when I had nothing. I was living in a £120 a month room in the worst part of town, with one bin-bag of clothes, on a dirty mattress on the floor, with and just a sleeping bag. Pretty close to being made homeless but she loved me and I had to love her better”.

Describe What You Liked About The Programs You Used

“Core De Force was right up my street! I was raised on boxing by my grandfather and my father even competed in Muay Thai. Engaging in a new and heathy lifestyle this way felt like I was honouring them. Joel and Jericho were the perfect balance of encouragement and understanding. The program gave me the balance I was looking for!

80 Day Obsession took me out of my comfort zone and it’s true: if you want something you have never had, you have to do things you have never done. This is what Autumn taught me and it made me think that anything was possible for me. It also taught me to push through, in times of stress”

If You Used Beachbody Supplements Or Nutritional Products, How did They Support Your Transformation?

“Beachbody supplements simplify my busy life and help me to focus more on other areas. Knowing that I was getting my daily dose of dense nutrition with Shakeology, knowing I had Energize to give me a little “get up and go” for my workouts and Recover to help me rebuild, supplied peace of mind. If you have strong foundations in your nutrition, you can withstand the storm of a busy life, when things invariably get busy.

When you have a healthy eating plan or are engaging in a healthier lifestyle, you can worry about getting everything you need inside of you. Shakeology is the lifeboat of a busy life because I know that as long as I’ve taken it, I’m good to go for the day. I have noticed that since using it, I wake up with more verve, like taking a running start at the day. I no longer experience brain-fog and am no longer a slave to caffeine intake. You put good things in and good things happen – Shakeology is like the lubricant of my life, that allows all others things to run smoothly”.

What Physical Changes Have You Seen Since Starting Your Transformation?

“Put bluntly, when I stand up to go to the toilet, I can now see what needs to be seen!
It’s horribly embarrassing when you can’t see where you’re aiming, sometimes messing the floor. Imagine the shame of not being able to wipe your own backside at 35 because there is too much fat in the way.
Suffice to say, such things are no longer an issue. There were other victories, like physically being able to bend over from a standing position and put my socks on. At my peak weight, this just wasn’t possible. Being a smaller person around the chest, waist and hips, allowed me to move with more freedom and enabled me to do things that normal, healthy people don’t even think about whilst they are doing them. I no longer have aching joints, I no longer suffer from shortness of breath; I also no longer have popping of the pubic symphysis, which was very painful. I also no longer suffer with erectile disfunction, which I’m pleased about!
I am also no longer pre-diabetic, which is a massive victory.

How Has Your Quality Of Life Changed Since You Started Your Transformation?

“Now I actually have a life!  My transformation wasn’t simply one of body and mind (though it was those things), my transformation was more from death to life; it felt extreme and profound. I experienced a very similar feeling only twice before: when I fell in love and got married and when I came to faith. I am not overstating it or being irreverent when I say that my transformation feels like being Born-Again. Imagine feeling shackled and caged, living within yourself and emotionally not feeling able to move or breath. Then, imagine someone cutting those chains and opening the prison gates for you – that is how my quality of life has changed since my transformation started. I get to enjoy a full and quality married life, I get to give the life to my children that I never had and feared they never would have.
Want to take a stand-up pee? I can!
Want to make love to my wife? I can!
Want to run and play with my kids, guess what? I can!

It hasn’t always been possible, so now, I feel alive!