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80 Day Obsession Progress Photos

It’s been another week of 80 Day Obsession and I faced more trials and obstacles that have challenged my commitment and discipline on many different levels.  Early on Monday morning I had the LDS ( Mormon) missionaries come over to do the workout with me which was “Booty”.  60 minutes of butt and core workouts with the loops and weights.  I had people with me in my home gym that I challenged myself a little more than normal which turned out to cause some major pain and issues by Wednesday morning during my workout.  Im sharing because perhaps you have faced this problem or may deal with it in the future.  It turns out that my gluten got over worked and I got a really tight knot.  The knot caused my muscles to tighten up and really pull HARD on my lower spine and back causing immense lower back pain that was almost debilitating.  I’ll share with you in this post how I am almost all the way healed and also share with you my Day 40 of 80 Day Obsession Progress photos.

80 day obession progress photos, 80 day obsession

80 day obsession progress photos, 80 day obsession, 80 day obsession men

80 day obsession progress photos , 80 day obsession, 80 day obsession men, 80 day obsession males

It was Wednesday morning that I had to stop my workout abruptly about 15 minutes in when I had a shooting pain through my back and lower spine.  I laid on the floor and let the BOD continue to stream the workout while I stretched and tried to deal with the pain.  I was worried that I had pinched a nerve, injured a disk, or possibly something worse.  It’s crazy how my mind began to wander and thoughts of defeat immediately began to overcome my mind. “Do I have to quit this program?  Have I let everyone down? This is the best shape Ive ever been in, why do I have to be injured now?”  That day I went to a 90 minute massage and found out from my therapist that I had a wicked knot in my right glute.  She actually called it a “demon” lol!  It turns out that the knot was pulling hard on my back which was causing the pain.  I spent the next 3 days skipping my workout, staying on track with my nutrition, and doing the 3 Week Yoga Retreat workouts on BOD along with about 2 hours of Foam rolling and stretching.  I iced it multiple times throughout the day and stretched in every moment I could. Today, I feel about 90% better and ready to do the actual workout Monday morning with modifications.

My NEW GOALS for this week. 

1. Foam roll, stretch, and do 10 minutes of Yoga EVERY NIGHT. 

2. Eliminate regular Peanut butter and tortillas from my meal plan. 

3. Replace my Toast with Sweet Potato more often. 

I want YOU to set a goal to focus on this week and feel free to share it with me in the comments below. 

To be honest with you guys I was afraid to take and share my 80 Day Obsession Progress photos because I was not “feeling” good emotionally on the day that everyone else shared their photos.  One thing that helped me to stay focused on strong mentally was my daily ritual of doing a 10 minute guided meditation each morning.  I’m excited to tackle this next week and if you are doing the 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan there is another Refeed Day this Wednesday!   I also want to share with you some of the other 80 Day Obsession progress photos from our test group this past week.  We also have set up our NEXT test group and have a couple spots open for those of you who want to be in this journey with us.


@sromano81 says that YES there are only 44 days between the BEFORE and the current picture on the right!

80 day obsession progress photos, 80 day obsession

Erica Greer shared her 1/2 through the test group results with us! Check out the inches lost and the change in her face. We are so proud of you Erica!

80 day obsession progress photos, 80 day obsession progress

Day 40/80
This is the 1st time I haven’t weighed myself or taken measurements in a long time.
Trusting the process and seeing the results..
Not always about the number on the scale but more how you feel!
Half way there and I am amazed at the changes I am seeing in my stomach and lower half (this has always been my struggle)
I 💜 these workouts
I 💜 the nutrition plan
I 💜 how strong and badass I feel.. 
Melodie Ryan.

80 day obsession progress photos, 80 day obsession,

Our friend Krystle Lester‎ in our test group is KILLING it! It’s NOT all about hte scale but check out the inches lost in the photo!
Half way progress! Down 11lbs!

80 day obsession progress photos, 80 day obsession,

Our good friend Erin says “the scale is being rude but inches are changing 😉

80 day obsession progress photos

My good friend Karen Whyte is feeling better than ever as a busy Social Worker, Beachbody coach, and mom!

80 day obsession progress photos, 80 day obsession results