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Beachbody Team Retreat- Join the BEST team in Beachbody

Beachbody Team Retreat


WHAT IF you could be part of a community that supports, encourages and uplifts one another? For the past week I spent 6 days with some of the most amazing people that I have ever met.  We started out Tuesday to celebrate the achievement of our newest Million Club Member Jennifer Greenberg.  Then on Wednesday we had our diamond and above coaches arrive and the rest of the crew came on Thursday.  We then spent an incredible time until Sunday morning growing as a family amongst our team.


When I first heard about Beachbody coaching and saw photos from people who were coaches, here’s what I thought…


1. You had to be in perfect shape and couldn’t ever mess up on your nutrition or miss a workout.

2. That it was a bunch of young single super fit people who were cocky and liked to hang out and that it wasn’t family oriented.

3. That it was a sleazy network marketing thing where you had to be really salesy and try to get everyone you know to buy your products (and then they’d never talk to you again and you’d have no friends).

4. That it was really competitive and that only a super small percentage of people could be successful.

I have now been a part of Team Beachbody for the past 5-1/2 years and I can tell you that it is completely opposite of that.

Some of the things I have learned are:

1. This is a journey and a race against yourself with a ton of supporters and people who will lift you up when you fall down.  We have learned that success is not a destination yet the pursuit of working on your purpose daily and growing into your potential.

beachbody -team-retreat

2. There are definitely single people in our business but the majority of our team for example are Father’s and Mother’s who are involving their families in the workouts and the healthy lifestyle.  The MAIN reason they are building a Team Beachbody business is so that they can create an income where they can spend less time working overtime hours and extra jobs to be able to spend MORE time at home with those that matter most.

3. Yes, we have amazing products. But, our MISSION is to help others live healthier and more fulfilling lives. What we do is HELP people change their lives for the better. ALL of us need a COMMUNITY of support to adopt a healthy lifestyle. That’s a huge part of what we do. We don’t do any sleazy sales tactics. We simply share our stories and invite people to join us. How many people do YOU know that want to be healthier and more fit? Pretty much everyone. And you can help them!  After learning a little about each and every one of our coaches this past weekend, we are all in need of this family and that we are better when we work together.

Beachboy-team-leadership retreat

4. Our team is AMAZING and what’s so incredible is the SUPPORT we get from one another and we have grown from 1 coach to 45,000 coaches in 5-1/2 years. . The unique thing about network marketing is that that more we help one another, the better we all do. There’s a culture of sharing and helping one another. Also, it IS possible for anyone to be successful. It absolutely takes hard work to earn a substantial income. But, the opportunity is open to anyone.


I’m struggling to put into words how I feel and what this past week meant to me. 35 of our personally sponsored coaches came to Saint George, Utah for our team retreating our rental home and many had NO idea what to expect and had never met any of us in person aside from being together on team webinars and training calls.

They left as a family and many of them said it was one of the greatest moments of their life. What would be COMPLETE strangers came together and felt like they had a family. They felt genuine LOVE from each other. 

On social media you will see us as coaches sharing about our results and the results of our friends and family but you don’t REALLY understand what it is. We had 3 different people this weekend come into our retreat that were not coaches and experienced a small part and said, “I want to be a part of this”

They didn’t ask what is involved

They didn’t ask “How much is it?”

They didn’t wonder, “Will this work for me?”


They just wanted to be a part of what they FELT in that moment and realized that we are all similar and that we all need each other.

I will keep this short and just say this. We wouldn’t have this amazing team if it weren’t for the help of God. I envisioned this culture from the beginning but it was God that placed EVERY single one of our coaches in our path and it was God who put the vision in my heart and gave me purpose in this life <3

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for everyone involved in our lives and we love you like family <3

If you are on the fence and wondering if this is for you. I want you to know that you will be welcomed into the family with OPEN arms. Just fill out this questionnaire so that I can get to know you a little bit better as you get ready to start your journey.