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My body feels STRONG- My life has COMPLETELY changed

My body feels STRONG

Amber Watson

results may vary

Seriously though, is there anything that could be more rewarding?  Now I have been a FULL-TIME Beachbody Coach for close to 5 years now and started my business while I worked a 12 hour day.  I felt so much joy and excitement in seeing people transform their lives through health and fitness that it became a passion of mine.  Now don’t go telling the CEO of Beachbody that I would do this without getting paid, but truth is….I would.  Amber joined a Challenge group with me back in July of this year and just a few days ago she shared her 5 month progress pictures.  She recently became a coach and LOVES sharing with others.  I love when she shared with me, “My body feels STRONG!”  

I believe that God gave us these bodies and we are to keep them healthy and strong. 

feel stronger, beachbody challenge

 I started this journey because I was truly disgusted looking at my body naked, and I felt tired and had body pains every single day. I was never over weight until I was an adult, and with being over 200 pounds I completely lost sight of who I was. And I shut down. I lost my bubbly personality and everything that made me, ME! And I knew I NEEDED to get that back because I was so severely depressed over this. And I felt that my life no longer had purpose and I was worthless. But a huge reason for me starting was also because I didn’t want my children to grow up learning an unhealthy lifestyle. I NEVER want them to struggle with weight like I have.

I truly feel ALIVE again! I feel like I am worthy of great things now, and I have proved to myself how strong I can be. I have confidence that I hadn’t felt for 5 years! I can walk into a room and know I look good 😘 which is cool. But also the physical difference is CRAZY! I used to walk up the stairs in my house and get out of breath, and now I can run up them and feel great!. I don’t wake up with all these random body aches and pains anymore either. My body feels STRONG!

I will always stay on this journey and help others because this is now my life. That 200 pound girl I use to be was so depressed and unhappy with herself. How could I go back to that? Now that I know what it feels like to achieve the results that for so long I thought were impossible, I can’t ever imagine this not being my lifestyle. And also to be a role model for my kids so they have an amazing healthy happy future. And I will always strive to help others on their journeys because for so long no one reached out to help me, and it was what I needed all along. I needed support and a good plan. And that’s what I want to offer to others. I had one of my challengers send me a random message and said thank you for reaching out to me and getting me on board with this lifestyle. She told me how much losing weight has impacted her daily life and her happiness and she thanked me for it. And although she did the hard work. That moment was when I knew. THIS IS WHY I BECAME A COACH to truly help people and change lives! Because weight isn’t just about appearance, it messes with you mentally and emotionally. So my goal is to help as many people as I can so they don’t have to live feeling that way anymore!