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Change my Life

Jennifer Grayada

Just like Jennifer, I too wanted to change my life back in 2010 and that is when I started with P90X.  I know that you are reading this post as well because you are inspired and want to change your life for the better.  I want to share with you Jennifer’s story below as well as a video of her sharing about how her life has changed thanks to Team Beachbody and the people that she is surrounding herself with.  We are proud of you Jennifer and know that you are making a difference in this world.  You have accomplished so much!


Almost 6 months ago, I attended my first beach body event and listened to other people share their stories and I thought to myself “If I could ever make anyone feel the way I felt while listening to these stories, it would be one of the greatest accomplishments in my life” so to be given the opportunity to share my journey at this year’s Canadian Coach Tour in Mississauga was surreal. I got pregnant fairly young and I gained about 80 lbs. Call me naive, but I thought I would lose the weight when I gave birth and I was obviously wrong. I lived far away from my family, I was in horrible shape, I was tired, frustrated, and always sick! I had NO ambition and my relationship was falling apart! I was terrified! I don’t think any little girl dreams about growing up and being a single mother. There were literally days that I would wake up, look in the mirror and just go back to bed because life just became too much for me! I didn’t wanna look at myself and be reminded of what a failure I felt like. One day, I hit my breaking point and i didn’t wanna live anymore but I had this PERFECT little boy who needed me…who was depending on me.. and who LOVED ME even when I didn’t love myself! He deserved a better mother – not one who spent all day crying and feeling sorry for herself. I looked at this perfect little human being that I brought into this world and realized that I owed it to him to get my act together. I was determined to be better FOR HIM! As parents, isn’t it true that we stop taking care of ourselves because we want to give our children everything? I didn’t have money to spend on fitness and nutrition because I needed to buy my son the coolest toys and nice clothes! I’m sure most parents can relate but you know when you’re on an airplane and they tell you that if the oxygen masks need to put yours on before assisting your children to put on theirs? That’s because there is no way you can take care of anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself first. How could you take care of another human being if you couldn’t even take care of yourself FIRST So that’s exactly what I did… I went to the gym and did Les Milles Combat and Pump! I started being more aware of what i was eating and slowly but surely, I started to find myself again. I stopped referring to myself as a single mother… because that’s NOT what I was.. I was just a mother! Whether you’re married or single, you don’t love your children any less… so why love yourself any less! Let’s fast forward a couple of years.. Beachbody entered my life exactly when I needed it to! I was already in pretty good shape, my diet wasn’t bad and I had a job that I loved! So why did I start beach body?


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Beachbody reminded me that I needed to start dreaming again and i should never actually stop! I was at a point in my life where, I was willing to settle with what I had because i was comfortable. All of a sudden I had this urge to let go of the life I planned, so as to have the life that I felt was waiting for me! If you ever meet someone you admire and who inspires you… and you have the opportunity to do what they do… If you hear that voice in your head that says “Hey! Maybe that could be me one day!”… Listen to it because it’s trying to tell you something and it’ll be worth listening to! In life, we only regret the chances we didn’t take…. I’m in the best shape of my life, I inspire others to turn their life around, I have that extra money to buy my son cool toys and nice clothes AND STILL have money to take care of my fitness and nutrition (as well as his)! I have met and continue to meet the most amazing people you couldn’t even dream up… I do what I love… and I love what I do.. The last 6 months of my life have been amazing! “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.. tip toe if you must, but YOU MUST take the step…”