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Chlorella - What is in Shakeology?

This green algae proved to be almost a dream food.   It is packed with protein – twice as much as spinach – and about 38 times   the quantity of soybeans, and 55 times that of rice. It also contains nine essential amino acids, as well as vitamins and minerals.

Chlorella is a tiny, unicellular green algae, three to eight micrometres in  diameter, which when grown in large quantities in South East Asia and  Australia gives lakes and rivers a green tint. Before being used as a  supplement, it must be gathered, dried to a paste, crushed to a fine emerald  green powder.

Chorella is mainly know for it’s unique ability to cleanse the body (detox) of unwanted and dangerous toxins.  This is not all, there are many other health benefits that we should not look over.

“Detoxification refers to the removal of toxic substances from the body. These substances are either poisons that have entered from the outside of the person such as occurs in pesticide poisoning or may occur from within the body, e.g., when the colon contains bacteria that produce toxic substances or as a result of inefficient metabolism of the body as a whole.
The detoxification capability of chlorella is due to its unique cell wall and the material associated with it. The cell walls of chlorella have been shown to have three layers of which the thicker middle layer contains cellulose microfibrils.”

Clinical studies and medical researchers have shown that toxins such as arsenic, mercury, lead, pesticides, insecticides, cadmium, uranium, P.C.B, radio actives materials etc. have been successfully detoxified from the human body; chlorella cell walls binding to and absorbing these toxics substances and then escorting them safely out of the body.

Among testimonials of rejuvenating experiences, clearing of the mind, high level of energy, well being, clearance of bad breath including morning breath, younger and smoother looking skin, flatter stomach, enhanced sexual energy, have been reported.
Below are some of the volunteers’ comments that were reported following a 6 weeks study at the Aging Research Institute with a dosage  chlorella.

  • “helped the vaginal yeast problem”
  • “I have decreased cravings for sweets”
  • “My hair is no longer dry and has been improved”
  • “reduced foods cravings, heart burn, and bad breath”
  • “reduced headaches”
  • “feel more alert, better memory, improved energy”
  • “reduced coating on my tongue”
  • “reduced day sleepiness”
  • “cleaned up the tarter on my teeth” (patient chewed the tablets).

Additional Potential Health Benefits of Chlorella:

  • Boost Your Immune System*
  • Increase Energy and Endurance*
  • Aide in Digestion*
  • Promotes Tissue Growth and Repair*
  • Promotes Fresh Breath
  • Aids in Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure*

This is only one of the 70 ingredients that are found in “The Healthiest Meal of the Day”.