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 Does Shakeology really work?

Does Shaekology work?

results may vary

Does Shakeology really work?

Amber Lee

“HOLY SMOKES!!! What a difference a year can make! My daughters step mom was needing some pics of Hailey and her friends and as I was going through them I was seeing pics of me. It was tough looking back and remembering how it was at that time in my life after a wreck I was in. I was such a mess. I was severely depressed, struggled with PTSD, was in major daily chronic neck and back pain, couldn’t sleep because of the pain and bad dreams. I had major survivors guilt due to loosing a co-worker/friend. I was so angry at the truck driver that hit us due to being on his phone. There were countless times I wanted to call him in the middle of the night and let him have it. I was so angry and mad at the world. I hated life. I couldn’t get along with anyone and was just flat out miserable. However, anytime I did have to go in public I tried putting a smile on my face covering up everything. It seriously got so bad that I constantly told my aunt to put me out of my misery. Looking at the pics you can definitely tell when Beachbody came into my life. Ya’ll hear me talk about it a lot but that’s why I’m so passionate about it because it seriously saved my life. I am the healthiest I have ever been! Not only physically but mentally too.!!!! With Beachbody I have surrounded myself around the most positive and happiest people on earth. You look at my news feed and you can tell exactly who the coaches are because they are so positive and uplifting and I am soooo blessed to be apart of this company. I wouldn’t change it for anything! It’s given me the opportunity to have a job that I can do at home. I tried 3 jobs previously after the wreck and with my chronic pain I couldn’t handle it. I can’t sit or stand for long periods of time. So if I need to get up or sit down I am my own boss and can work around my pain and do as I need to. After finishing 3 different physical therapies I started going to the gym and just doing what I could. I felt like I was spinning my wheels because I wasn’t getting anywhere and I couldn’t do much. When I came across Beach body a lot of people were doing Insanity. I thought HAHA there’s no way I can do that. I decided to try and see if I could do any of it. What I didn’t know at first was I could modify. So I did that A LOT! It was still a battle. I would do half a workout and it would put me out the rest of the day sometimes more but I kept pushing. At first I was still taking a lot of pain medicine to help me get through it. It took some time but I got to where I wasn’t taking it and just pushing through the pain. Before I knew it I was off of my depression medicine, high blood pressure and pain medicine. It’s so crazy talking about this openly now because some of you know before I wouldn’t dare talk about it or post this before picture. Beachbody is really big on personal development. I didn’t know anything about that before but it was exactly what I needed. I have a totally different outlook on life and I know without a doubt that everything I went through was preparing me for this in being a coach. Now I can relate to people a whole lot more with certain things. I am able to not only sympathize with them but empathize. Also, it has helped me to have better relationships with people. It’s definitely been an incredible lifestyle change that has me dreaming BIG! When I talk to people about Shakeology or a fitness program some people think the cost is too much. It could cost 5 times more and I would still be buying it. I didn’t have insurance and I was spending that plus more on a ton on medicine. I found the value in it and it’s PRICELESS! Some may think ahh you’re just trying to sell a product. It’s not about that all! It’s changed my life and I believe in it 110% so why wouldn’t I want to share that with everyone. I just want to help people that may have been in my situation or something similar. Please inbox me if you have any questions on how I can help you! I have challenge groups every month and no matter where you live I can help!”


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