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Does the 21 Day Fix Work

Seaira Brown

Iv’e had a ton of friends and family members ask me the question of  “Does the 21 Day Fix Work?”  My latest blog post was actually the story of one of my good High School friends who tried P90X about 3 years ago and never finish it.  He finally committed to the 21 Day Fix and is WINNING at life.  Seaira has done other programs from Team Beachbody like Focus T25 but it wasn’t until the 21 Day Fix came out that she really found a program that fits her.  We’ll call it her soulmate program.  Does the 21 Day Fix Work?  Of course it does but it will take 100% commitment on your end of the deal.   You must, just like Seaira be willing to show up every single day. We are constantly looking to help more people become success stories for the Beachbody Challenge and want you to know that you can come to us for help, support, and motivation.


results may vary

“I started this journey because i was so unhappy with how I was feeling. I was tired all the time, “growing” out of all my clothes, and my confidence and self esteem were way down. I knew I needed change but didn’t take the first steps until I heard His still small voice. I know that might seem strange but God has been my motivational coach through all of this. So I started jogging and really (for-real this time) committing to drinking Shakeology everyday. Finally I worked my way up to jogging 1 mile without stopping which was a huge goal for me. Then some friends and I did T25 and I was amazed at how great I started feeling. I mean, I actually LIKED working out. I would have never thought I would be saying that in a million years lol. Soon after came the 21 day fix and this was one of the pivotal points in my journey. Over the last year I always struggled with how much food I should or should not be eating. This program had all of the portions already set! For months I was at a plateau and couldn’t get past it. But as I committed to the fix for the 21 days the weight just came right off and I couldn’t be happier! I feel energized, alive, happy confident and free! All of those emotions aren’t just from my results they came from the journey, what I learned, how I overcame, and how I dug deep inside myself to find the strength that was there the whole time. Now as a coach I get to share my passion with everyone. I feel like I’ve been given a gift and now it’s my turn to give it away.

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