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Eating Healthy on a Budget

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Does eating healthy cost too much?  Alot may say, “heck yes it does!”  But does it really cost more?  If you go out to eat does a Grilled Chicken Salad cost more than a super sized value meal?  Yes!  It does.  Then you also have your tips!    An 8 pack of Reeses Peanut Butter cups does cost less then  fresh blueberries or other fresh fruit for that matter!  These statements are all true but we need to focus on the big picture.   The overall cost of eating healthier IS less expensive. Let’s use myself for example.  Prior to P90X, Shakeology, and my workout routine I used to stop at the Maverick and pick up two green monster energy drinks and a pack of the white powdered donuts, easily $5.   Then at lunch I would drive over to Albertos and get a HUGE Albertos Idaho Burrito which came to $4.25.   I was spending close to $10 for myself without even including my dinner, the late night chips, the ice cream, the 8 packs of (Reeses, Kit Kats, and Butterfingers) that filled our pantry!   That is NOT cheap!

As alot of you know I have our saying, “Do more than expected and get better than expected results!”  This is exactly what I wanted to do with my new life change from the beginning.    I knew my results would come 80% from my nutrition.  So we decided to plan our meals and eat healthier.  The lean meat WAS more expensive than regular hamburger.  Blueberries did cost more than my Reeses.

Shakeology, yes Shakeology. I knew about the buzz with Shakeology but thought, Geez $120 for a month?  If any of you know me personally I was like WOW!!?!?!?!  That is alot of money, and it IS alot of money.  The more I looked into WHAT Shakeology contained and the HEALTH benefits I would gain I decided to give it a try (It does have a bottom of the bag money back guarantee) and used it to replace my morning Maverick stop.  Using my Shakeology in the morning and leaving out my convenient store goodies by planning out my meals for the day and packing them the night before has indeed saved us money.  It has not only saved us money but has increased our health, energy, and attitudes.

How much is your health worth to you?

The money saved is a small dent in the amount that you WILL save by living a healthier lifestyle.  Eating healthier and being active will increase your health and help guard you against high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many other illnesses.  Your immune system will be in top shape allowing you to miss less work due to sickness and fatigue and allow you the freedom to get out and enjoy life.  Eating healthy on a budget is a savings in the long run.

Live a healthier life, set an example for your kids, and let’s begin one person at a time to end the trend of obesity.