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I Need to Lower My Blood Sugar

Katrina Kepf

“If I had to sum up my life before I began my fitness journey I could sum it up in one sentence.  I was one of living dead.  My body was existing in a diseased state.  My diabetes was out of control, I had a fatty liver, PCOS, Metabolic Syndrome, Hypertension, Hypothyroid Disease, and my lab levels were bad.  I was in chronic pain and could not even sleep through the night because of it.  I hated my body yet felt condemned to exist until I died which I perceived as a welcomed relief.  I had tried ever fad diet on the market, been prescribed diet pills by my MD, and ultimately they all failed.  I was a failure. I was killing myself every single day and I accepted this living tomb and I fed it whatever it craved.  I felt myself becoming physically debilitated and then mentally humiliated when I could not fasten the seat belt on a plane.

There are three things that led me to change.  My grandson was born in October of 2011 and I slowly came to the realization that I was going to die before he grew up.  That broke my heart and I had the desire to change but didn’t know how.  Second, in the summer of 2012 I went to the Dr because I felt so physically ill.  I knew something must be wrong.  My fasting blood sugar was over 300.  I thought, I need to lower my blood sugar.  I was already on several different medications as well as injection to treat my diabetes and now I was faced with insulin.  I refused treatment.  I was so sick and tired of taking pills and shots.  Every Time I went to the doctor there were more prescribed.  The cost was consuming a large portion of our budget.  Third, I wanted to change when I go on a plane to fly to California and the seat belt would not fit around my stomach to secure me before take-off.  I was humiliated.”


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I Need to Lower My Blood Sugar

I can’t help but cry with joy as I see this story of Katrina unfold.  She was courageous and bold in taking the challenge to join the Beachbody Challenge and use Chalene Extreme and the help of Shakeology to bring her to a level where she is enjoying life.  I will let you meet her via a Youtube video that he posted recently.   Katrina you are an inspiration to many people and I’m excited to see you live a healthy and more fulfilling lifestyle.  I can’t wait to meet you in person.

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