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Inner Peace

Melissa Powell
I want to share the transformation photo of my friend Melissa but what I think is more important is how she found Inner Peace through some changes she has made in her life. I see everyday the lives that are changes when somebody goes “All In” with the 4 Vital Behaviors of being a Successful Team Beachbody Coach.  She has become sober, found her faith, and now feels inner peace as she moves forward in her live with self love and confidence.

inner peace, self love, confidence

“Although there is definitely a change in my appearance, the transformation you can’t see is the most significant change I have made in my life!
I was over weight, unhappy, I partied A LOT and had trouble with relationships! I was always in search of something to make me feel good, but nothing EVER did, not the food, booze or yes I am afraid to admit it but it’s true…drugs.
I was sick ALL the time, tired, run down,
To the point where my body couldn’t take it. The sickness started to take over and depression set in.

A couple years after this picture I found some relief in life when I reunited my faith, I came to accept who I was and knew I wanted to change, I got sober and changed my ways however, I still turned to food when upset and became an even more of an emotional eater and found myself in even more of a battle with depression!

Then…over a year ago even though I was happier and successful and in a good relationship I still wasn’t feeling satisfied and I was over weight, that’s when in a last ditch desperate attempt I reached out to a friend on Facebook after following her journey. I jumped in feet first because I felt I had nothing to lose! I didn’t know it then but this one step was the catalyst to propel my life in the direction I wanted and needed. I found HOPE, I found SUPPORT, I wasn’t judged, I was just accepted and motivated, through the challenge group I made new friends, was introduced to Personal development books and not only did I change my eating habits and started working out, I changed my mind set!!!

That’s the most powerful change I have ever done in my life! 
I had more “I Can” and “I will” and I found a whole new level of self love, confidence, and inner peace!
I found my future! And it looks good.”


If you set a goal for yourself. Please. Please. Please don’t give up.  It’s not going to be easy but staying consistent will mean you do not have to start back over.   It’s hard seeing somebody bust their butt for something for a few months and get incredible results and then fall back into the same habits and go right back to where they came from.  Do what it takes to have that winning edge.  Be passionate.  Be consistent. Be disciplined.  I believe in you.