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Is Beachbody a Scam?

I know you have come here for a reason.  You want to know.   Is Beachbody a scam?   Chances are you were approached by one of your friends, family members, or somebody that you have ran into online.  You may have even been approached by somebody that says they are your FREE Beachbody coach.   This most likely is true because Beachbody gives it’s coaches free customers that purchase off of the infomercials.  So here you are randomly on my site thanks to Google and all of her amazing answers, trying to figure out if this is something you should do.  YES they have a great opportunity for you.

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Real Fitness+ Real Nutrition+ Real Support= Success

Beachbody products have been around for a long time now with products like P90X and many others but it was just 5 years ago that they added in a new aspect to the equation, financial rewards.  They have the #1 rated infomercials for home fitness programs.  They also carry top of the line nutrition like Shakeology and the Ultimate Reset.

Real Fitness+ Real Nutrition+ Real Support+ Financial Rewards= Success

What do you say to people that say Is Beachbody a scam or Pyrimid?

  “I agree with them. Every job, career, and even or government system is based in and founded upon some kind of pyramid model or strategy.  With BB we’re just able to move up the ladder much faster than say a person in corporate America would.  Then I’d pause and ask them what they did and when was the last time they got a raise or promotion… And state with the current state of the economy I’d be surprised if it was over 3%…. Do you know that the cost of living goes up AT LEAST 3% every year??? I prefer my pyramid over yours.

Those of you who are doing Beachbody part time right now as you work your full time job really look at the structure of things, pull out a piece of paper and draw it out… At the top is your CEO under them is a CFO and COO under them are people who have people under them and then you have your managers, who have, leads, who have supervisors, who have employees. If you work your behind off you may be lucky enough to become a supervisor in a few years… With what we’re doing with the same amount of work you can be financial independent in a few years. -JaiHolla

I have been a Team Beachbody coach now with the Bombshell Dynasty for just over a year.  In this short year I have been able to build a Beachbody home business that supports our family and I am currently a qualified 5 Star Diamond and ranked #23 in the nation for Top 10 Elite Coach of 2012.  This goes to show that everybody starts at ground zero and you are able to achieve whatever level of success that YOU decide.  Is Beachbody a scam?  Absolutely not!   Nobody can tell you what level of success you can achieve.  The more people that you can help become successful, the more successful you will become.

Why Relational Marketing?

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