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Workout to get ripped- Ripped body-P90X-Insanity-Scottie

Seeing that Summer is just around the corner, everyone is asking me to help them get that ripped body for the beach, the wedding, or for that summer vacation.  Everyone wants to know which workout to get ripped the fastest.   I want you all to remember that there is no quick fix but there are some things that will help you stay on track to meet your goal, whether it’s a ripped body or just shedding a few inches.






  • Commit 100% – If you want to achieve your goal you must be 100% committed.  Consistency will be key in your weight-loss journey.  I recommend reading the book “The Slight Edge”.
  • Workout at a set, fixed time everyday
  • Find a picture of your goal body and hang it up to see daily







  • Choose a fitness program that you enjoy, you find challenging,  and that aligns with your goal of getting your new, ripped body.  I will help you find the right program as your coach.







  • Find an accountability partner that will help you reach your goals.







  • Make me your free coach and let me know your goals whether it is to workout to get ripped or working out to relieve stress and live an over-all healthier lifestyle.

Click to join our team and get free nutrition, fitness, and life coaching


  • Join one of my exclusive Challenge Groups for daily accountability from me and four other people.







  • Follow a meal plan specific to your needs.  If you want to loose weight and get that ripped body you will need to properly fuel your body every single day. The Club Membership helps you with a customizable meal planner.
  • Nutrition will be 80% of your battle!
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

What is your goal ripped body?

Choose your workout to get RIPPED here