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The Slight Edge

The book  “The Slight Edge” has completely changed my life.  You can read a little about it here.  It has taught me how to take information and process it to become successful in all areas of my life.

It is not just good enough to get information and technologies into people’s hands to make them successful.  You have to put people in the proper environments and proper associations to make it work. This was not enough though because for many people it still did not work.  What they needed was “the processor.”  The ability to take that information even in the right situation and environments and process the information and make it work.  The problem was the QUANTUM LEAP stand point.  Everyone wants to give them the quick way to success.

The book THE SLIGHT EDGE teaches you that you must plant your seeds, cultivate them, and then there will be a harvest.  The book teaches you that anyone can do it and that the quantum leap is NOT the answer.  It’s doing the easy simple little things consistently over time, for a long enough time to make it work for you.  Every single thing we need to do to be successful in life is easy to do, but it is easy also to not do them.

What successful people do is always DO the simple little disciplines and decisions consistently over a long enough period of time so literally the compounded effect kicks in.  What most people do though is make a simple error in judgement and don’t do those simple little disciplines each day because they believe it doesn’t matter.  What this book the Slight Edge is all about is that your decisions DO MATTER.  Every single day the decisions you make WILL take you to success or to failure.

One of the key factors to being successful is to have GOOD PHILOSOPHIES!  This is everything that you know, how you hold it, and how it affects how you think.

These philosophies will turn into your attitudes.

Your attitude will direct your actions.

Good actions turn into good results.

Good results turn into a good life.

You will get these good philosophies from the personal development books you read, self help audios, and the people that you associate with.


1.) Learn knowledge – Read books, listen to tapes, talk to people.

2.) Activity knowledge “Do the thing and have the power” -Emerson.  Many people don’t transfer their learn knowledge to activity knowledge because they fear failure.

This is a repeating cycle.  Learn knowledge, activity knowledge, learn knowledge, activity knowledge and you slowly step up the ladder. This then leads to the next step.

3.) Modeling knowledge.  You want to model people who are successful in what you are doing.  Truly seek out people who are really successful and  positive.  People will try to bring you down so REALLY follow and learn from someone who is genuinely successful.

4.) Teacher.  Ability to inspire other people. This is when you become the teacher.  People then will model you.  You then become a leader.

“[The Slight Edge] takes the reader on a journey of discovery that goes from Abraham Lincoln and Rosa Parks to Ralph Waldo Emerson and Thomas Watson; from compound interest to the physics of space travel; and through every aspect of your life from diet and health to financial success to strong relationships and family health. It’s quite a tour de force, and when you reach the last pages, chances are excellent you have gained a gut-level grasp of the Slight Edge principle that will never be shaken loose.” — Ana McClellan, Networking Times, May/June 2006

 Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.  They live in the moment of opportunity.  They make the decisions everyday that keep them on the upward curve of the Slight Edge.  People who are on the upward curve of the Slight Edge live an uncomfortable life in the moment but then will end up living a far more comfortable life in the long run.  Unsuccessful people do what is easier in the moment so they are living comfortably now but inevitably will be uncomfortable down the road.


 I have personally read this book 5 times in 2011 alone and learn something new each time.  My life has changed MASSIVELY in the past year by following and understanding the SLIGHT EDGE.   For those of you that are looking to change your life and make a new beginning, this is the book I would start out with because it will teach you how to process information that you learn from other books and seminars that will help you become successful. HAPPY READING!