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Set Big Goals

Set Big Goals!

I believe that in life, if we want to succeed we need to set big goals.  As we learn to set big goals and even small goals and learn the discipline to do the activity and have the faith that the result will follow the work.  I want to share the story of Sonja and her life changing story.  I am in love with our mission of helping people achieve a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.  I am determined to reach as many people as God will allow so that I can see people achieve their purpose in life.Set_Big_goals

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“My name is Sonja Svihla, I live in Pittsburgh with my husband and 2 girls (15 and 9). And here’s my story

I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with any type of body shape. For me when I started this journey, it was all about my health. My WHY? It was about 5 years ago when I just decided enough is enough. My blood pressure was going up and I felt very sluggish!! My WHY was I wanted to get healthier and feeling better overall. I wasn’t brave enough at the time to set a goal to lose 50 lbs. Not in a million years!! I just wanted to get moving, be active again, and lose some weights. I started working out at a gym, started to lose weight very slowly, but I felt way better. I just kept on going, getting more active each time. Meeting my Coach, Kam Niskach, was one of the milestones of my fitness journey. I’m at lost of words on how grateful I am to have you in my life Long story short…. the whole #FitFam, you know who you are , made Hip Hop nights so much fun each time!!! I didn’t even realize I was losing more weights and getting stronger. And once again, thanks to you, Kam, and your pushing us to push up, burpees, power jumps, and all (really!! seriously!! love those ) By summer of 2012 the next milestone came along, I started to drink Shakeology. I joined a Challenge Group and we did INSANITY in the fall of 2012. This, working out and drinking Shakeology, was a huge game changer!!! Not only did I shed more weights, I also shed inches. Muscles started popping out to the point where my husband, Kurt, was soooo intrigued.. and in January of 2013 he joined us in our Challenge Group doing Les Mills COMBAT. Another round of Insanity, and Focus T25 later .. here I am, not perfect by any chance… Still working at it everyday.. as our fitness journey is now our healthy way of living. Guess what I wanted to share was.. back then I was afraid to put my goals out there and put it out on my Dream Board… I kept it to myself. But now I learn.. you can DREAM BIG… work hard at it, focus, and DO NOT QUIT.. and you WILL get there. It took me way longer.. but I finally feel better, healthier, stronger than ever! I’m not from perfect, but now I’m better. So friends… don’t be afraid to put out your goals.. don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG.. If I can do it, anybody can.. And if you think you’d like me to help you along with your journey, please contact me anytime. I always think.. if I can help just one person make a difference in his/her life, it’s all worth it.

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