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Simple Meal Plan

I can’t believe that we are done with Phase 2 of our 80 health and fitness test group and that we are moving into Phase 3.  We are seeing AMAZING transformations inside of our test group which mainly comes from two things.  The simple meal plan and the fact that we are doing a NEW and different workout every single day.   It’s been a FAST week and I have to admit that I didn’t put together my before picture with my end of phase 2 pictures but will do that tomorrow and you’ll be able to see it on next week’s update. This week I want to show you what the phase 3 calendar looks like, the simple meal plan (including refeed days), some progress photos, as well as some things that are going on in my life. You’ll also get a kick in the butt from me about YOUR health and fitness journey.

timed simple meal plan, 80 day obsession, 80 day obsession men

PS.  I may not be the best looking or the most talented but I will not be outworked and THAT is why I am a great coach for you. If you have been making excuses or procrastinating:

It will never be:💡
✅the right time…
Nobody is going to:💡
✅tell you exactly what to do
✅drag you out of bed in the morning
✅yell at you to eat healthy
✅lift weights for you
✅run a race for you

There will always be:💡

✅sick days
✅sleepless nights
✅early mornings
✅bad weather
✅long days at the office
It will always be easier to:💡
✅say no
✅do nothing
✅blame others
✅make excuses
✅give up
✅say “I tried my best” when you really didn’t

Life is freaking tough – health, wealth, and happiness certainly don’t come easy🔥

For those reasons, you don’t need:💡
✅The best equipment
✅The best business plan
✅The PERFECT workout program (it doesn’t exist)
✅A super specific meal plan

And it’s okay to:💡
✅not have all of the answers yet – NOBODY does
✅not have your life completely figured out yet – NOBODY does
✅get started and figure things out as you go

As Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are.”🔥💡

Take action🔥. Make changes🔥.You will make mistakes🔥. You will fail🔥. Embrace it.🔥

You know what’s NOT okay?💡

✅to expect instant success and gratification
✅to give up immediately when life doesn’t go your way
✅to keep doing the same thing while expecting different results
to coast through life while complaining about it
✅to constantly wonder “what if” without ever finding out
✅Tomorrow never comes.
✅Eventually never happens.

Shut up and start.🔥

1.) This past week was tough on me emotionally. I broke down and was feeling a little defeated with life in general.  I was reminded how easy it is and can be to focus on the negative things in life vs the positive and blessings that are abundant in every single one of our lives.  In this program we talk alot about self-care and one thing that I am doing every day is having a hot epsom bath every single day right after my workout. This is keeping me FOCUSED on my priorities and my goals with the program. I’m following the meal plan 100% and giving the BEST that I can each day on the workouts and I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my entire life.  This past week was super exciting as we got our offer accepted on a vacation rental home in SLC.  I also placed an order for a Clearlight Sauna (The Sanctuary 2 full spectrum Infrared Sauna) which has some amazing health benefits which I will be sharing with you as I continue to transform my mind, body, and spirit.  I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning waiting for my shipping details!

2.)  80 Day Obsession Calendar for Phase 3 looks like this.  We will be having our Refeed Day every other Tuesday which will fall right before LEG day.  Remember to follow the very simple meal plan for optimal results. 

80 day obsession calendar, 80 day obsession

3.) The Simple Meal Plan is a Timed Nutrition Plan which helps YOU specifically plan your meals for optimal results for eaters maintaining weight or losing the weight that you wish to accomplish.  You can see a little sample of the meal plan HERE. 

4.)  The timed simple meal plan + the combination of home workouts that involve loops, sliders, weights, and your own body weight are producing some pretty inspiring results inside of the Test Group that I am participating in and so I wanted to give you a small glimpse inside of my world and also offer YOU the opportunity to join as a future participant in one of our groups by APPLYING HERE. 

simple meal plan, 80 day obsession, timed nutrition

simple meal plan, timed nutrition plan, 80 day obsession

simple meal plan, 80 day obsession

simple meal plan, 80 day obsession

simple meal plan, 80 day obsession

simple meal plan, 80 day obsession

simple meal plan, 80 day obsession

simple meal plan, 80 day obsession

simple meal plan, 80 day obsession

timed simple meal plan, timed nutrition, 80 day obsession

timed simple meal plan, simple meal plan, 80 day obsession