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From working 3 jobs to Time Freedom |

Every week I have the opportunity to bring someone to our weekly team training call and have them share their story and then tips on how they have grown their business. Today we will hear from Larissa Kuhnly. She’s always been somebody who is NOT afraid of hard work, and that’s one of the things I love most about her story of how these workouts, Shakeology, the community, and the opportunity to build her own business have changed her life. She used to work 3 job since the age of 16 but now has created time freedom doing something she used to make fun of.

“In 2015, I was a newlywed, a new mom, and my husband had just deployed. It was my first time ever living alone, parenting alone, and I was still working full time as a server/bartender. I was EXHAUSTED. Late nights at work, early mornings with the baby, I was run down to say the least. I’ve always been someone who has worked 2-3 jobs at once, since I was 16. I got started with Beachbody specifically for Shakeology. I spent an entire night googling every ingredient in Shakeology, and learned really quickly I was craving those benefits that those ingredients gave. Even though the price seemed steep to me, breaking it down to $4 a day felt worth it to me since I was currently buying Red Bull and Wendys on my way to work everyday.

If you’ve ever heard the saying ‘You dont realize how bad you really felt until you feel better’ is exactly how I was feeling! After starting my journey with 21 day fix, the containers to make sure I was eating enough (it actually ended up being MORE food), and Shakeology, I started to feel so amazing, and see actual results I’d never seen before, being someone who NEVER worked out or took care of herself. I signed up as a coach ONLY for the discount. So much so that I untagged myself in every post my coach tagged me in, and said the words “I willl NEVER do that.”

Fast forward a few years, finding a purpose and mission in helping others through their journey, seeing the vision, possibilities, and discovering a passion in building a business, it’s crazy to believe I was once that person who made fun of everyone who did this sort of thing. I’ve always been someone who was the negative Nancy, complaining about everything. Now, because of coaching, I’m the one helping empower and encourage others. I used to be the person who worked 2-3 jobs at a time, and now I’m the mom who gets to be in charge of her own schedule, and who has time freedom, without sacrificing income. When our family moved states because of the military, I didn’t need to stress about finding a new job, and instead, coaching is what helped me find a community. Everything in mine and my families life, we owe to Beachbody and coaching. Our health, our habits, our community, our lifestyle, the way we earn income, all of it. I may have gotten started 6 years ago, but the beauty about this business and opportunity is that even 6 years in, I feel like I’m just getting started when it comes to what’s possible.

Time Freedom