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Vote for 2018 Beachbody Challenge Winner Megan Regalado

Vote for 2018 Beachbody Challenge Winner

Megan Heaton Regalado

It’s time to vote for 2018 Beachbody Challenge winner!  I have been SO excited to share this news and photo from a member of our team named Megan.  She is a mother of 3 who has faced many obstacles in her life yet a simple question once that said, “Close your eyes. Now pretend you’re in a dark room. You’re sitting at a table and you see a person sitting across from you. You realize that person is you. What does that person look like? What does that person feel like? What is that person’s dreams?”   With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Weightloss had been difficult for her. From there her health transformation began and she has become an inspiration to so many people around her.  She’s lost over 100 lbs, gotten off of 17 pills a day, and truly FOUND herself and her calling.  I asked her to share her story with us from what her life was like before to where she is at now.  If you are inspired by her journey, please share.


Hello my name is Megan Regalado, I am a mother of 3 and a business owner. This is the story of how I transformed my life and lost 96 pounds with Beachbody and 113 pounds total.  When I started my fitness journey I weighed 235 pounds. Every year since my 18th birthday I had gained 20 pounds, without fail. Happy birthday to me? Each passing year, I felt more lost and hopeless.

I was raised in Utah and it was pretty typical for people to marry young and have children as quickly as possible. I always dreamed of having a large family. Unfortunately, when I was 21 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome.


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This label, in addition to being prediabetic, came with several health ramifications. It meant taking 17 pills per day, a lifetime of weight struggles and worst of all, infertility. 1 in every 10 women will be diagnosed with PCOS in their lifetime. With PCOS we’re told that it is impossible to lose the weight.

I felt doomed. It was a never-ending cycle of gaining weight and worsening symptoms. I struggled with depression and infertility for nearly a decade. After spending a massive amount of money on treatments, surgeries and IVF I gave up on my dream of becoming a mother. This plus worsening depression cost me my marriage.

At this point I decided to change my focus. I clumsily started my journey to health. I met the most amazing man and his little girl. It was my pre-made family and I felt like my dreams were starting to come true.

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Life doesn’t work on our schedules, it holds many surprises. At 27 years old and 25 lbs lost I finally became pregnant with my first child. Soon after I had my son, I was pregnant a second time. During my 20 week ultrasound with my second pregnancy, my daughter was diagnosed with a heart condition in her right aortic arch. This heart condition effects eating and breathing as the trachea is blocked. It would likely require open-heart surgery the moment she was born. This spiraled me into another depression. I wouldn’t eat all day and then eat a large pizza by myself at night and wonder why I was gaining and gaining. I had a horrible relationship with food.

Still, despite running five miles per day and trying ever single program out there, I was only able to lose those 25 lbs. Worst of all, some of these quick fix diet plans were wrecking my health. One of the most popular plans, which puts you into ketosis, became life threatening for me. At that point I just felt like giving up. What do you do when Keto doesn’t work for you, and you have PCOS? I felt like one doctor was telling me one thing and another would tell me something completely different!

Luckily my daughter was born healthy and we were told she could wait to have surgery. She continues to amaze doctors at every turn. She will be having heart surgery in July, at 2 years old. This miracle made me realize the value of life, and how important health is. Plus, I needed the energy to chase my 2 under 2. The problem was, I solved nothing with my nutrition. I weighed in at 218 pounds and knew I couldn’t keep going like I was, or I’d be right back up to 235 and miserable again. I owed it to myself and my children to become the best version of me.

I’ve seen and gone through it all with health. PCOS comes with symptoms like weird hair growth, multiple cysts at one time (the most I’ve ever had is 8! Ouch!), painful periods, diabetes, and the list goes on and on. I was so busy getting my masters, running my business, being a taxi, nurse, house cleaner and everything else that comes with being a mom. I thought I had no time to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

In November 2016 I was watching a friends live video. She ask ‘Close your eyes. Now pretend you’re in a dark room. You’re sitting at a table and you see a person sitting across from you. You realize that person is you. What does that person look like? What does that person feel like? What is that person’s dreams?’

This was the exercise that started my health journey. In my visualization I was joyful, happy, fulfilled and healthy. I saw what I wanted, and had a person offering to help me get there. I thought ‘Well, why not give it a shot? I’ll probably just lose the typical 30 lbs and then quit but that’s still 30 lbs closer to my goal.”

I chose 21 Day Fix because I loved the variety of the workouts. I admired how they focused on each part of the body and it would only be 21 days. I could commit to anything for 21 days. It was hard at first but soon I created healthy habits that became second nature. Then Country Heat was released, and I knew I had to try it. I loved how it didn’t feel like a workout!

Then came my first eye opener. I met a woman who had a 100 pound transformation from Beachbody. She had her daughter with her. The look her daughter gave her, as she talked about her journey to me, made me feel so empowered. It was then that I realized I couldn’t do another quick fix. I needed a total lifestyle makeover. This woman was toned and fit, without any extra skin. One of my biggest excuses for not losing weight, was that I’d have so much extra skin. I didn’t want to lose weight but become unattractive. Well, she just proved me 100% wrong. I had no more room for excuses, it was time to get down to business.

That is when I started Core De Force. When I first pressed play with this program I had no idea how much it would transform me. It wasn’t just a physical transformation. I was fighting for more. I was fighting for my health, years of my life. Core De Force is an MMA inspired workout that trains your core. Soon I started to see my core tighten – after 3 children? I never imagined that would happen. The kickboxing and muay thai inspired moves are fun to learn and empowered me to take my life back. I was fighting my food issues. I was fighting to become the best version of me. I was giving my excuses and problems a roundhouse kick to the face. Most of all I was going to kick PCOS out of my life! I will forever be grateful to Beachbody and the programs they have created. They have given me back my hopes and dreams. I have added years to my life and life to my years. I love Beachbody on Demand because I can change my workout program every time I complete one, and see new and improved results. It keeps me from stagnating.

vote beachbody challenge, beachbody challenge winner, vote beachbody challenge As a mom of 3 the streaming workouts are priceless. I don’t have time to go to the gym. In the time I could get ready for the gym, drive there and get onto a machine I’ve already finished my workout at home and I’m on to spending time with my babies. When you run a business, you need your workouts to be flexible because you never know when something is going to come up!

The trainers on Beachbody are amazing. They all have their own style but one thing in common; they want to help you transform your life. Not only do they help you transform physically, they also help you stay motivated throughout the workout.

My favorite trainer is Shaun T. You can feel his passion come through the screen. He has been through so much in his life, yet there he is helping so many. Someone just like me. He’s helped me every single day, to get one step closer to my dreams. One step closer to becoming that happy healthy person I envisioned at the start of my journey.

They say that nutrition is 80% of your results and with the 21 Day Fix and Portion Fix eating plan I now know that is true. The plans are simple and quick. As a mother of 3 I don’t have time to count calories, macros, points or anything else. The portion fix has different colored containers that you put your food in. There is a list of foods that you can pick from, so you never have to eat things you don’t like or eat the same boring thing over and over. There are treats you can do during your week. The containers each come with their own lids so if I am running out the door to go to a PTA conference, work meeting or even to play at the park I can grab one and go!

Portion control taught me that I was starving my body of the nutrients that it needed. I eat more than I ever have before and yet I still lose weight and gain muscle. I never feel hungry and my food cravings late at night have disappeared. I love that I know I am fueling my body properly. Another thing is my children are starting to adapt to my habits with portion control and eating healthier. I feel like this tool has changed my life and my families’ life for generations. My relationship with food has become positive. There are no food categories I must stay away from. Nutrition and food are no longer the enemy. 21 Day Fix and Portion Control have given me knowledge that I can use for my life time.

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Let me tell you about my favorite meal of the day! When I was a hundred pounds heavier I was the girl always asking for a dessert menu. I love cake, pies, cookies, you name it. One of my big fears when I started the program was that I was going miss out on the sweet things I crave. They are what I lived for. Boy was I wrong! Shakeology has been the key to success for me. It literally tastes like a milkshake yet has all of the vitamins and dense nutrition of a salad. With my PCOS it helps keep my blood sugar to a manageable level so I don’t crave the unhealthy carbs. Now I can say ‘No thank you’ when the dessert menu comes, because I don’t even want them anymore.

When I talk to moms it seems we all have one thing in common. We all have no energy and are completely stressed out. I didn’t think I would be able to become physically active and fit because I had no energy! Shakeology has changed that! I have so much energy every single day. I have 3 children and when I started my journey I had 2 under 2! I needed the energy to chase those little ones around! Sometimes even sneak in an extra shake because it really is my favorite part of the day. That is one thing I never miss, rain or shine. I drink my shake every single day and wouldn’t trade it for anything! When I started my journey I was on 17 pills a day. I just went for a full physical and the doctor said I have no signs of insulin resistance and wondered what my secret was. I told him Shakeology!

Beachbody on Demand is a revolution in the fitness industry! It is a program where you can stream over 100’s of different workouts straight from the website or app. It gives access to the top trainers with just a click of a button. Whether you love low impact workouts, high intensity cardio, weight training, or maybe you want to dance your way to fitness Beachbody on Demand has the workout for you!

When I started my fitness journey I was 90 pounds overweight and I couldn’t walk, let alone get on a treadmill for hours and run. I had to start with a low impact program. I danced my way into losing over 40 pounds but it didn’t stop there. With Beachbody on Demand I was able to access the next level of workouts and moved into a high intensity interval workout. Every time I am done with a program I can switch to a different style of workout, so I know I am keeping my body balanced and healthy for a lifetime. I get bored easily so going to the gym and doing the same moved over and over didn’t work for me. Beachbody on Demand was the solution for my overall health!

For over 10 years I tried to get fit and healthy. I just kept gaining weight and didn’t have the support to become healthier. I felt helpless and overwhelmed. My family tried to help me but they didn’t have the keys. As mothers and adults I feel like we are all so lonely. That was until I found Beachbody. When you sign up to Beachbody you can sign under a coach you know or you they will give you a free coach. Coaches host accountability groups and challenges.

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The accountability is a huge key to success. Beachbody provides an accountability app where you can log your workouts and shakes. You can also log your inches, weight and much more. Its shows you the progress that you have made during the challenge. Those small, daily victories add up to huge wins. There is a whole group to support you when you are struggling or to celebrate our victories together. My coach helps me push myself to my best self. I have made a lifelong friend and really feel like I am part of a fitness community. I check in with my coach via a weekly phone call. We meal plan together, talk about our best and worst parts of the week and just support each other in every way. We have weekly team calls where we find solutions to any of the excuses that we make for ourselves. We motivate each other to push further than we ever have before. She is truly an inspiration to me and holds me accountable on my hard days. She is the leader of our group and if it wasn’t for the accountability it would have been easy to quit. She always reminds me to eat excuses not cookies!

A week after starting my beachbody journey I already started to have more energy. I started with 21 Day Fix and within a month I started to create habits that would last me a lifetime. Within the first couple months my clothes started to fit better. I was able to meet my goals, and so many more. In less than a year of the program I lost 86 pound and now I have lost a total of 96 lbs. I went from a size 22 to a size 2. I don’t have to shop in the plus size section. For the first time in my life I am confident enough to wear a bikini in public. I lost over 100 inches. I no longer suffer from the symptoms of PCOS. I am no longer prediabetic. I went from 17 pills a day to absolutely no medication at all. My doctor asked how I cured my PCOS and is absolutely blown away about how transformed my health is. Many doors have been opened to me because of my new-found confidence. I never wonder if I am the heaviest person in the room anymore. I never have to wonder if an opportunity was lost because someone was judging me based on my weight. I no longer walk with my head down but stand in my power. I easily fit in airplane seats, booths, and I am not limited by my size for any activity. My weight is no longer dragging me down physically or mentally. Imagine carrying around a 96 pound backpack and how life changing it would be when you finally took that backpack off.

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When you are told that you will never be a mother, you cherish every moment with your children. When I was told that my daughter would have a heart issue I was devastated. I felt like I was finally able to have a child and I was going to lose that opportunity to spend time with mydaughter. I had so many plans for she and I. When she was born healthy and wouldn’t need the operation for 2 years I started to make so many plans for us. The problem was,I didn’t have the energy to do any of the activates I had planned. Because of my own poor health, I was letting my blessings become a burden. I didn’t have the energy to keep up with my children and was constantly worrying about what energy an activity would take.

Now I can keep up with my children. I am more active in their lives and can be more fully present with them. I’m not constantly concerning about myself and my health. I am example to them that you can do anything you put your mind to. When the doctor told me that my daughter would no longer be able to eat many solids until her heart surgery this year, I was really worried about her nutrition. Then my coach introduced me to Daily Sunshine. Now I don’t have to worry about my daughter getting the dense nutrition she needs. She is a picky eater and I was worried she wouldn’t like the taste but she loves it! She constantly asks for her “Chocolate” which is what she calls her shake. I am showing my children how to fuel their bodies so that they can have happy, productive lives. It has transformed my marriage in so many ways. My husband and I connect better now that I am not constantly tired. I am happier, healthier and have made a complete transformation. Mind, Body and Spirit.

The most rewarding part of this journey with Beachbody for me has been connecting with other like minded mothers to support each other and transform their lives. My depression has lifted, and I look forward to waking up every morning. To start a new day, new workout and fuel my body properly. Team Beachbody is life transforming. The revolutionary program is all the parts you need for your health. Nutrition with meal planning, support that provides accountability with coaching, workouts that are streaming and easy to do anywhere. Also a superfood shake that is your daily dose of dense nutrition and fuels your body to keep pushing for your goals and dreams.

Do you want a healthier life? More energy to spend doing the things you love? Do you want to feel more confident, less stressed and have an overall happier life? Do you want to fit into those sexy jeans in your closet that have always been a little too tight! Do you want the confidence to rock a bikini on the beach? If any or all of these are appealing to you, you need Beachbody! It has provided me all of the tools I need to live my life to the fullest. Beachbody and Shakeology has been the secret to my success! I have enough energy to go after all of the things I want in life! Stop dreaming and start achieving your best life!