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Workout from Home Routines- Body Weight Workouts

Workout from Home Routines

Colby Knight

I wanted to share a little bit of information and tips from my really good friend Colby Knight.  Colby used to be my neighbor before he moved to Arizona to pursue his career.  He is the guy who originally got me started with workout from home routines.  He would come over and show Gabby and I some things we could do at our home to build core strength.  Shortly after being inspired by Colby is when we decided to commit fully to P90X.

“I just did another challenge with a group of people.  I started at 203 and ended at 175”

These results are 84 days at home with no gym

results may vary

“I usually only had about 30 minutes to work out, so if I was doing some resistance training I would usually choose 5 different exercises. I would do it circuit style. I would do each exercise for one minute, and immediately switch to the next exercise without resting.  I would rest for one minute in between each round.  A round consist of doing all five exercises once.  I would do 5 total rounds, so the total workout would take 29 min.  I would cut it down according to how much time I had.

The only equipment I had access to was 5 lb. dumbells, a pair of parallets I made out of PVC pipe, a jump rope, and some old wood I used as a step-up.


The reason I chose one minute intervals is because I wanted to control my intensity by how many reps I did in the one minute rather than by doing a set number of reps. Whenever I did an exercise that would require more weight than the 5 lbs I had I would just pretend I was lifting much more by resisting myself.

 Workout from home routines

These are a few of the exercises I would choose from.


Full depth air squats

Jump squats

Forward/ backward lunges

Calf raises

Squat hold

Two foot/ one foot bridges

Superman hold

Full sit-ups

Flutter kicks


Bicep curls

Front/ lateral raises

Tricep kickbacks

Handstand hold

Handstand push-ups

Push-up hold

Stand up fly’s

Dumbell punches

Military press

(You can check Youtube to see how to perform these workout from home routines)


I would generally do cardio on Tues, Thurs, and Sat., and do the body weight movements on Mon., Wed, and Fri. Jump Rope, stair steps, and running were my favorite methods of cardio.


Obviously the most important lift you can learn when you are trying to transform your body is the “PUSH AWAY!” Learning to be self disciplined and “PUSH AWAY” from the table is the key to success in my mind

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