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Earn $1000 a Week Part-Time | Dynasty Strong/ Elite Fitness |

Earn $1000 a Week Part-Time

Earn $1,000 a week part-time? I get it. You are skeptical but hey I was for over 8 months and Heather was for years. So if that’s you. Read on.

I can’t say enough about how PROUD I am of this woman. Heather Colledge and I went to High School together, she was a PERSONAL TRAINER and a NURSE but found a LOVE for helping people from home as she raises her little family.

I want to shout from the rooftops today that she earned her first $1,000 A WEEK income working from home and in between the roles of a Wife and Mother.

She began with me in on May 28th of 2015 and earned a diamond trip with our leaders to the Dominican Republic that fall. She’s continued to learn, grow, trust the process, and more importantly stay focused when others chased shiny objects.

I love what she shared yesterday so I want to share it with you today and then share some thoughts with you as I have been mentoring people to build their businesses for close to 8 years. 

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“Gratitude changes everything!
This has been a year of gratitude. I started 2018 out with my words being joy and growth.
I poured into myself the first few months really diving deep trying to uncover my limiting beliefs, stories I was telling myself and what was holding me back. I discovered a lot of negativity and things I needed to change and I’m still working on. It’s never easy changing, but so worth it.
As the year progressed, I had the ability to attend Brendon burchards high performance academy and be surrounded by incredible entrepreneurs and like minded ambitious women. I learned how to improve my thinking and was given specific tools that have been a force of success for my personal and business life. I continue to read my notes from that academy every morning along with my vision and affirmations.
I was given the opportunity to travel to Riviera Maya to spend quality time with my sweetheart on an all inclusive trip I earned through living my passion of helping others with their health and fitness. The views were breathtaking and the experience completely unforgettable and one that I still dream about daily.
Then I was finally able to meet some of my business partners and best friends for the first time in Indianapolis at our annual convention where we laughed, danced, worked out and learned together as part of one of the best community families I’ve ever been a member of. We created lasting memories and unshakeable bonds as sisters on a mission to help other women succeed.
Our tribe continues to grow with multiple rank advancements and a fire burning so bright I have never experienced before. All the struggles washing away…all the hard times vanishing for the accomplishments, teamwork and rising together that is taking place.
Theres nothing like this I’ve ever experienced before. I’ve never had a job where I throw my arms up in the air and jump around like a giddy schoolgirl multiple times a month. Never have I experienced this kind of comraredery and sisterhood in all my life. It’s hard to explain to an outsider looking in…especially with all the stigma attached to this type of business.
All I know is I have found my purpose, my passion and my calling and it is my vision to give this gift to as many women as possible. ❤️

So you’ve read this far and I want to help you but it won’t HELP unless you apply it. You’re a hard-working person, you want to save up for your kids missions, their college funds, weddings, and might even want to retire a little early. You just don’t know why you can’t take it to the next level and you’re always paycheck to pay check.

Here’s a little insider advice on how we’ve built a 7 figure income and how you see our friend earn $1000 a week part-time with hard work, effort, and diligence.

The other day I spoke about Keeping your “commitments to your commitments” on a google hangout with over 2,000 amazing people and I couldn’t help but wake up and remember this passage from Proverbs.

I’ll be direct.

Unreliable people are a PAIN. Yes, like a bad toothache or a sore foot.

Both of those are annoying and make life hard. The same goes in life when you are dealing with an unreliable person.

You can’t really relax, you have slight anxiety, and in the back of your mind you are wondering, “Will they let me down again or will they follow through this time?” I want you to think about these small examples.

We look for FAITHFULNESS in others right?

We want the internet to work, our apps to function, we want our food cooked at our favorite restaurant to be good or improving each time, we depend on the mail service to deliver our mail( in 2 days and for free!), we want the electricity to be consistently ON, and so forth.

This is a photo from the most FAMOUS geysers in the America and it’s called #OldFaithful in Yellowstone National Park. It’s really close to our cabin.

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So why is it the MOST FAMOUS?

It’s certainly not because its the BIGGEST or even yet the most POWERFUL geyser. What makes this geyser the most famous is that it’s FAITHFUL.


It’s runs like clockwork and its been 100% dependable. People in this life count on dependability.


Would the people around you stake their lives on your ability to be dependable? I know 100% that I am not the most talented, educated, creative, good looking and the list could go on and on but I know that I am dependable and that I can keep my commitments to my commitments.

There is a parable that talks about talents and guess who receives the most talents and is most richly blessed. The person who shows the most faithfulness🙌🏻

Our test groups are CRUSHING it.  They are Dynasty Strong.  Empowering others to continually develop into their fullest potential.

If you resonate with what was shared above, you’re a hard work, you love to solve problems and innovate, and want to hav fun building a legacy with us make sure to apply for our next Test group OR ask me how to join our team and I’ll mentor YOU personally.


And because I shared that she made a $1,000 in ONE WEEK with her business I need to keep our company and our businesses safe by sharing that “Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.”