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Responsibility for Myself

I took this photo on Sunday just over a week ago near 5th Ave in Manhattan and was in AWE of the way the moon looked as I glanced down this street. 🏢  I was looking through my photos this morning and saw this photo and thought about how BIG this universe is and how we only have control over very few things. Our perspective and our actions.  I haven’t truly taken responsibility for myself and I am learning each day and so I want to share some thoughts with you.

stop fighting find inner peace

Have you ever felt frustrated, restless, angry, and anxious over things that are completely outside of your control?

I think about this as I see people upset at delayed flights and in myself more times than not in relationships with people important in my life. When we do this we are wrestling with not only the moment, but the entire universe.💫

Whatever happened is usually ALWAYS the culmination of every moment leading up to it. The blessing or consequences of our actions. I need to give this reminder to myself this morning and also hope that it helps you in whatever you may be going through in life in this current moment.
Stop fighting it.
Stop resisting it.
The moment or situation is exactly as it should be. Surrender yourself to it and immerse yourself into it and give it more perspective. What am I supposed to learn from this and how can God use me because of this?

When you become angry or defensive and you are struggling with the moment, your life and who you are, you will meet resistance. Guys, I have made some HUGE mistakes in my life and hurt many people who loved me and I am DONE with that.

I’ve recently found that when I am critical or judgmental, I will always meet resistance. When I try to take away responsibility for myself, actions, and emotions, I’ll be met with resistance. When I blame others for my situation in life, I’ll meet resistance. When I refuse to live in the moment, I WILL meet resistance.

Who likes resistance?

I sure as heck don’t like it and I am learning to experience REAL inner peace. We have to learn to accept all of these (trial) moments in life and use them as character building moments and we MUST learn from our past mistakes.

When you can live in the moment, acceptance is the wisdom to take people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur, rather than trying to force our agendas and opinions on them. When we can accept that, we begin to truly LIVE! Acceptance will free you, it sets you free to live in the moment and find true inner peace.

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