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Super Star Diamond

Super-Star-Diamond -team

If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure if you can do it, SAY YES, and then learn how to do it later.

Today I want to celebrate the accomplishment of one of my good friends Barbie Kalev. Just a few months ago Beachbody Corporate invited Barbie and I to speak at Summit for a workshop of 8,000 coaches coming up in under 60 days. Our topic is to be Building Confidence- Overcoming Fears and Doubts. We started working together in the fall of last year. Then in February we got more serious. We spoke together at an awesome event in Idaho and then got real with each other as accountability partners. We said that we were going to freaking do this. We were going to build and mentor 15 star diamond teams by Summit. We both had fears and doubts about going “Superstar” but decided that it was time to figure out what we had been missing. 

Boy did WE learn some lessons about our leadership.

“Everything rises and falls on Leadership.”
(We’ll have to do a webinar together once we lock in this goal as well and teach you what we learned)

Today Barbie Kalev and her team are officially a 15 Star Diamond ( SUPERSTAR TEAM) This is the HIGHEST rank in the entire company and it’s been amazing and inspirational to see her team come together for this huge goal. They will be able to celebrate this accomplishment and be recognized on stage at Summit in Nashville in front of 25,000 coaches. I know that this is like the 4 minute Mile for you and your team Barbie. Like Roger Bannister you have broken the 4 minute mile. What seemed like an impossible barrier to break, once broken allowed through a shift in belief the ability for over 20,000 other people to run the 4 Minute Mile. Your team’s belief has been increased. My belief HAS been increased and we will all run this race and follow in your lead.

One thing that I can tell you about Barbie as my accountability partner (Success Partner) is that she made a solid decision and stuck with it no matter how hard it got. Our team was pushing along with her and we will be a few weeks behind but the mornings I woke up and let her know, “I think I’m just going to let it go and it will happen naturally when the timing is right” I would get a response from her that was something like this…. “F that Scottie. Get on the phone and make it happen.”

I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of your team and how grateful I am that you and Sagi are apart of our lives. Thank you for leading the way and thank you for challenging myself and our team to become better every day.