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Top Beachbody Coach

This past weekend we were in Denver Colorado for 3 days as we had purchased surprise tickets to see Justin Bieber with our daughters.  He ended up canceling his tour and we were stuck with plane tickets and a hotel so we ended up still going.  We simply asked on social media what we should do and we had many great suggestions.  Gabby and I were messaged by a coach on our team named Nina Pears asking if we wanted to spend time with their family and so we let them know we would be going to Six Flags.   I met Nina in person 2 years ago at a Team retreat where she had a shift in her mindset and business due to a conversation with me.  She shares her experience and so I want to share it with you in hopes that you can gain the perspective of a top Beachbody Coach and begin moving in the direction of your goals, dreams, and aspirations.  Remember that your “SHIFT” can happen at any moment so be prepared and put yourselves in a position to learn and grow.  It can happen on a National Wakeup call, a Team Call, a Super Saturday event, a Leadership Retreat, a Success Club retreat, at Summit or even by simply listening to a Top Beachbody Coach on a youtube video. This is the last week before school starts back up and Nina is officially a full-time Beachbody coach and not teaching at a school.

top beachbody coach, best beachbody coach

“I met Scottie Hobbs for the first time 2 years ago. He is a top Beachbody coach and someone I have always aspired to be just a little bit like. His discipline and drive, passion and purpose set him apart from the rest.

Meeting him and Gabby for the first time was the biggest game changer in my belief in my potential with this opportunity that I had at my finger tips.

I remember telling Scottie that I wasn’t sure what I would ever do if I had to choose between teaching and coaching. He asked me why I loved teaching and I told him it was because of the impact I could have on my students and the difference I could make in their lives. So he questioned why I would want to cap that at only 25 lives a year instead of an endless amount through BeachBody.

It was that day I decided to go all in and that I was going to work to run my business full time. I have never looked back and I have never doubted that decision.

And on the last weekend before the school year starts, I got to spend the day riding roller coasters with an amazing family remembering the impact and influence they have had on me and my family. And this will be the first school year that I am not teaching and will be running my coaching business full time.

Forever grateful and so much respect for Scottie as a coach, mentor, and friend!”