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Be Yourself - How trying to fit in led to a path of destruction


Be Yourself

Meet Scott Steve Hobbs ( Scottie Hobbs)

This is ME.

It’s sometimes still who I see myself as even today. I am forever grateful to my parents for getting my teeth straight and giving me a great smile when I was younger I am grateful for the sacrifices they made to buy me glasses so that I could see and experience life.  This message today is here to help you be yourself.

be-yourself, be yourself, you are unique, you are accepted

I loved life, playing catch with Dad, helping my mom cook in the kitchen, and being in the outdoors. But do you know what was happening on the inside?

I really struggled with fitting in or being accepted outside the home like at school, which leads to me answering the question where people have often asked me, “Is there anything you DON’T DO?”

Because I struggled inside with self-esteem I would put all of my energy into activities so that I could excel at them and “feel” accepted. ( I know now that I was loved and accepted AS IS)

My love language that I learned to find out when I was 30 years old is “Words of Affirmation” I wanted to always be accepted and I felt loved when somebody would tell me I was doing a good job.

-I excelled at Baseball because I would spend ALL of my time playing and practicing so that I could be a “part of the team”, I ended up getting to play in the Little League World Series.

– People ask how I got started with music. I wanted to fit in. I remember sitting at a table eating dinner at a school dance and the guys I was with were in a band. They said they needed a Bass Player and so I said I could play (I only knew 3 notes to a 70’s song) But everyday after school I sat in my room with guitar tab, a bass, and some music to follow along with and learn. 15 years later I produced an album with my former band and opened shows for a few of my favorite artists.

– The next thing I put all my efforts into was skating. I wanted to fit in with that group at school, I wanted to be accepted. So the way for me, in my mindset was to get really good at certain tricks. So guess what I did, I spent HOURS after school busting up my shins until I could “ollie” a garbage can.

– The same trends went into college and my early 20’s but they started to shift into areas that were not aligned with my core values. It got me into some trouble but I was ” all in” with that bad behavior and poor habits so that I could fit in and be accepted.

-Ultimately I ended up an alcoholic and addicted to Cocaine but I felt like I fit in and was accepted.
So why did SCOTTIE go “ALL IN” with being a Beachbody Coach? EVERY ounce of effort I have was focused on this new thing I was going to learn and master.

Was it to be accepted?

This leads me to the message that I want to share and something that I learned from the CEO of Team Beachbody Carl Daikeler. When I was sitting in Tuscany, Italy with him 4 year ago at a lunch on the Top 10 trip, I remember specifically telling him how grateful I was for this company and the opportunity to be a Coach as I finally felt that I found a HEALTHY and good place to put all my energy and “feel accepted”.

What he told me helped me realize the deeper purpose and meaning that I have as a coach and the message that I want to share with you today.

He told me, “No, that is not the message, because if you are seeking and finding acceptance as a coach, you’ll move onto to the next place you feel accepted. I feel that the meaning for your story is that YOU CAN BE YOURSELF and that is all you need to be. You’ll empower others that we are a company where you share who you are and you connect with other people who are just like you.”

So… my challenge to YOU today is to be unapologetically yourself so that you can make real and genuine connections with people and make a REAL difference in this world♥