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Consistency in Business | Success Club 10 for 100 Consecutive Months

CONSISTENCY.  Consistency in business.

It’s one of those “un-sexy” secrets to SUCCESS! It’s the little things done day in and day out, week by week, month by month… that don’t seem to make much of a difference in the short-term, but once zoomed out, literally MAKE or BREAK a dream.
It’s my man Scottie Hobbs M.O. — He decided from the MOMENT he became a coach that CONSISTENCY would be HIS SUPER POWER. 💪🦸‍♂️ — and indeed this has been the case.
He is living his dream today NOT because of a special skill or talent he brought with him into this biz… He built this DYNASTY brick by brick — blog by blog, video by video, post by post, workout after workout, book by book, phone call by phone call, and SUCCESS CLUB POINT by SUCCESS CLUB POINT.

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5 points is the minimum to hit Success Club in our biz each month, but he decided from the START that he wasn’t building an AVERAGE business, so BASELINES weren’t for HIM! (Always loved that about him) 👑
Scottie Hobbs, PROUD doesn’t really CAPTURE how I feel when I think of all you have overcome and built for your family & team over these past 8 years. I am honestly IN AWE of the man you have become, as a leader, as a dad and as a husband — again, built brick by brick. 
You did the little things that were easy to do — but also much easier NOT to do. You did the things that most avoid because your dreams were bigger than your fears and because of that — you have the ability to live your life by design and also cut the path for your tribe to follow!
Congratulations for 100 MONTHS of taking deliberate action towards BECOMING the man God created you to be! Here is to 100 MORE!!! – Lindsay Matway.