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Craig Holiday - Getting a Coach Started Effectively

Getting a Coach Started Effectively


Any coach that you add into your team will be a part of your business and a part of the growth that will make your business successful.  We need to look at it that way when we are getting a coach started effectively.

One of the things that we often see is shown in this example.  Let’s say you are at the end of a road with your new coach and there is a lake up ahead that he wants to go to.  A lot of times we sit back and point them the way by giving them instructions. Kind of like a gps or a map.   What we need to do is ENGAGE.  Put our arm around them and walk there with them.  We need to find out if they want to crawl, walk, or RUN to the lake. We will walk with them and at times we will need to pick them up and carry them.  We will MODEL how to get there.

Another example is like a kid with a bike when they are first trying to ride without training wheels.  We do not just give them a big push and let them go on their own expecting them to know how the first time.   Instead, we hold on to them and walk with them, then we run with them, then we let go and let them wobble a little bit, then we grab a hold of them so they don’t fall and then let them go again.   Pretty soon we are able to let go and they can ride on their own.  This is how we need to start our new coaches.  That little kid looks up at you and says Dad, “I believe in you but I don’t know if I believe in riding this bike.”  That is a lot of what you will get with your new coach. They look to you as a model, they believe in you but they don’t quite believe in the business or in themselves.


Sit down with your new coach and have undivided attention and do the GSR (Getting Started Right).  This is where you get to sit down and find out what they want and when they want to get there.   We need to tell them what they need to do to achieve the goals they want.

1.)    What do you want and when do you want it?  This way we know what kind of goals to set and what intensity to go at with their business.

2.)    Set up an agreement:  Set up expectations.  Let them know what to expect from you and what you expect from them.

What I expect from you:

1.)  Is your word good and will you be accountable?  We need to know what they are looking for and what they want.

2.) How many hours of a week could you find to make $50,000 a year more?   We need to find out how to use their calendar effectively.  We know how to set up their plan.

3.)  Are you willing to get on a personal growth program?   Your biggest obstacle in this business will be YOURSELF!  Our personal growth is the biggest attribute in this business.  A lot of us our businesses grow substantially but our personal growth is what will be our biggest strength.  In this business we are giving you a mentorship program.


4.) Are you willing to do what I teach you to do?  If you do what I teach you without asking questions I promise you that you will grow in this business.  The best thing a coach can do is tell someone in your up-line, “Tell me what to do and I will do it.”


5.)  Are you willing to not bicker with the price?  This is a business that is a marathon and not a sprint.   You can’t work for 30 days and expect to make a lot of money.  You need to understand it will take time to build this business.  Life will not stop for you to be able to go out and build this new business.

6.)  Will you put me in front of 4-5 of your closest friends so I can bring them into this business for you?  I want this commitment because I want you out.  This can be in person locally or on the phone with a 3-way call.  I know that if I can talk to 5 of them I can bring 2-3 in to their business for them.

What you can expect from me:

I will give you my time.  I want you to go Emerald in your first month of this business.  You have to be willing to do the steps above.

I will give you my knowledge.  I will also show you where to find information.

I will mentor you.  You can count on me the first 30, 60, 90 days to get to diamond.  I will do it for you, then with you, and then I will council you as a leader.

My word is good to you.  If I tell you I will do something or be somewhere for you I will be there.  You can count on me.  I’m committed to helping you build your business.

I will be honest with you.  I will be honest about your life, your business, who you are, and where you need to change.   I want to be a strong leader to you.  I’m not going to worry so much about if you like me that much in the beginning as whether you respect me.  Liking me is not going to make you successful.  Listening to what I say and doing it will make you successful.  I can give you answers that make you feel the best or I can give you the truth. Which do you want?   We need to develop strong coaches so I must be strong.

I’m willing to get 2 people sponsored for you and get two Emeralds in your business.  I can commit to do that I will give you my time and my effort but you must get me in front of those people.  If something comes up and you don’t want to run anymore and you want to walk to the lake;  be honest with me.  If anything changes, I want you to be honest with me because I can only work with the willing.  I don’t want to create accountability and have you not committed.  The people that are willing are going to get my time.

I will create immediate accountability.   We will make a list of 100 people that you can share this business with.   We cannot pre-judge anyone in this business.  You never know WHO might need this in their lives.


We will set up a time to do a presentation with 3-4 of these people.  I will do all the work while you get to watch and learn.  I will handle all objections so you can learn.  We will do a home party or a webinar briefing.  If you are local we will bring other coaches on our team for support.

You will need to get on Shakeology home direct.  1st You will need the energy to keep up with me.  2nd If you are serious about this business and you are not on the product you will not succeed.  I don’t want to be in a home party with you and have your friends ask you if you are on the product and you say no because that kills credibility for us both.  You need to be strong and as a leader you need to be strict with them.  You need to be a product of a product.  If nobody is on the product, nobody will grow a business.  I will be strong about that.

Reading personal development book (Personality Plus, Slight Edge, Craig Holidays 90 days to excellence.)

You need to spend time in your back office.  Start to understand what is back there and get your websites set-up over the 1st week.

I want to hear from you.  Send me emails or text me.  I want to know your questions.

I want you to get a hard calendar.  I want to show you how to be most effective in the hours that you commit to this business.

I want you to write down your why and your dreams so I can always refer to what you are about.


Why do I do this when starting you out as a coach?

I want you to do these things.  This is going to tell me something.  I know what you are wanting and what you are doing.  I don’t have to try and figure out where you are at.  A coach takes responsibility for winning.  This is what I want to do.  It’s like if we are playing basketball I’m not just going to throw you all out there and say play ball.  I am going to give you plays and a game plan so that we can win.

We are not just signing up people and putting them on a product and hoping that they succeed.  That is not what is going to grow a big business.   That is not what coaching is about.  Give them the chance to learn how to ride that bike.  Show them how to get to the lake and walk with them, carry them at times, and run with them when they are ready.

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