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Does Shakeology Really Work

Does Shakeology Really Work?

This is my friend Emily who has twins and has always struggled to find what really works for her.  She really isn’t doing any of our Beachbody workouts but has fond that swimming is the best way for her to stay active and fit.  What I am able to help her with as her FREE BEACHBODY coach is to stay motivated and focused on why she wants to be healthy and fit.   She recently started using Shakeology and researched alot before wondering like many of you do if the fact of does Shaekology really work and will it work for me.   I will share with you what she has gone through and how Shakeology and staying fit has helped her.  My goal is not to sale YOU a product, my goal is to find what fits and works for you and do my best to be your example to follow and give you tools that I know will help you on your journey!  I have been doing Beachbody workouts for 5 years and haven’t missed a day of using Shakeology myself to supplement my nutrition.


“I’ve never been thin, but I was working out 2-3 hours a day and was fit. After I needed 7 months of bedrest to carry my twins to term, I was told I would never get my body back. Having a trainer like Scottie believe it was possible really helped, and I also had to be gentle with myself. When I had a backwards slide or an overindulgent cheat day, I couldn’t just give up altogether, but had to keep pressing on. I tried TurboFire but my atrophied body wasn’t ready for something that vigorous and I got hurt. Instead of giving up again, I took up swimming at a gym that will watch my babies as I work. There’s always something out there to help you get fit, whether it be a rigorous workout or simply long walks. For me, it took a year to find swimming, but now that I have I’m super happy, and fit enough that I can go back to using TurboFire. Shakeology really helped too, I researched it a lot before finally pulling the trigger and buying a bag, and it really did help kick my cravings in 3 weeks. I still have a long way to go before I’m as fit as I once was, but I feel confident and eager to get there!  I am now using Shakeology on the Autoship to use it daily from here on out.”