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Eagle Faces Storm- Lean into the hard and challenging times

Eagle Faces Storm

It’s hard to put into words what it’s like to have complete time freedom doing something that I absolutely love. This past month I have met new friends every single day both on line and here in Maui.
The new friendships made and seeing people get excited and fired up about life gets me even more excited about what I do as a Team Beachbody Coach.
As I share with people how we can help them get in the best shape of their lives and live a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle I get asked all types of questions.
One question that I am always asked is this.
What’s my number 1 tip to staying healthy for the long run or how to build a business?
beachbody coach scottie hobbs and his transforrmation from beginning to end of fitness goals
I feel like everybody seems to be looking for a miracle.
Don’t just look for a miracle
Be somebody’s miracle.
Do it today.
Find somebody and be the answer to their prayers, this can happen simply by being a friend, by reaching out to somebody and listening to them. Oprah shared that with us yesterday about our intentions and what we do comes back to us in this life. Our legacy is EVERY interaction that we make every single day because we don’t know how that person will change because of an interaction with us.
When you reach out to others, when you lift the fallen, when you encourage those who are down, when you befriend the lonely, Your breakthrough will come.
The scriptures say, “Pray for one another so that you may be healed” One of our tests that we must pass is to be good to others in the midst of your own storms.
Ive’ heard the saying, “When everything comes against you, remember that airplanes takeoff against the wind, not with the wind.” These winds are NOT made to push you down but to lift you up.
Equal goes with an Eagle.
When an Eagle faces storm he does not try to fight his way through the rain and the winds. He will simply stretch out his wings and let the strong winds lift him higher and higher until he comes out of the storm.
Maybe you are struggling at home in a relationship or have a medical problem that is stressing you out. Maybe you have dreams and aspirations that seem to difficult or far away to achieve.
Let us be like that Eagle and put our trust in God. When you can come to peace knowing that God is in control of the storm, those winds that were meant to push you down and hold you back are actually there to lift you higher and higher.
“Your test will become your testimony”