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Fitness Enthusiast Turned Beachbody Coach |

Meet Haley Hendel:  Today she will be sharing her story and some tips on our weekly team training call.  She is a Fitness Enthusiast turned Beachbody Coach. Every Wednesday with our team of coaches we have a coach come on, share their story, and then give us training and tips on how they have built their business. Some of our very best coaches were avid gym goers and fitness enthusiast who found a great opportunity to help others by partnering with Team Beachbody and our team as a coach.

Fitness Enthusiast Turned Beachbody Coach

She was an avid fitness enthusiast who saw her sister get great sustainable results with 21 day fix and decided after much skepticism to try a homework out. 

“Growing up in a healthy home, my habits seemed to meet the mark. Until they didn’t. What started as healthy habits at a young age spiraled into overworking my body, not fueling myself properly, and eating less because in the mind of an 18 year old, being skinny with abs was the definition of health. 

Those unhealthy habits followed me into college and even unhealthier habits started to be surface. It was at this point when I realized what I had been doing was not sustainable and it was wrecking me not just physically but mentally as well.

My sister had started 21 Day Fix when I was home for spring break and of course I turned my nose at the idea of another home workout program. But when she started getting results, I knew it was worth a shot. I was longing for something to stick to that I felt full confidence in and I thought this could be it. 

Fast forward a few years, the girl who had tried it all and took pride in doing it on her own saw how badly she needed guidance, accountability, and a community beside her. That was the missing link. And I found it through Beachbody. 

I signed up to be a coach to get the discounts but I truly never wanted to grow a businesses. I never saw myself being a leader, growing a team, or mentoring others. However, the way I was feeling was too good to not talk about. So I started sharing little by little. No following, no social media experience, no sales background. Just a genuine love for what I had found. 

To give you the long story short, I dropped out of college twice, have no degree, got married young, had babies young and to society, it looks like I’m doing it all backwards. Leaving a solid, consistent paycheck at a desk job to taking a risk on myself by going all in with coaching seemed crazy. Until it wasn’t. 

This has been my constant through changing seasons of my life. From feeling confident on our wedding day, to having two healthy/fit pregnancies + postpartum journeys. These programs have transformed my outlook on exercise + nutrition and I now get to serve others and help them find community, consistency and confidence in themselves and who God made them to be.


You need is a vision that is SO BIG that it is compelling, not only to others but to YOU. If it’s not compelling, you won’t have the motivation to stay the course, and you won’t be able to recruit others to help you. Both vision and strategy are important, but there is a priority to them. Vision always comes first. Always. If you have a clear vision, you will eventually attract the right strategy. If you don’t have a clear vision, no strategy will save you. I have seen this over and over again in my professional life and personal life.If I told you right now the vision for our lives many would laugh and say …… good luck with that. MOST times I have NO IDEA how it is going to happen but I create the vision so vividly in my mind that I can feel it and touch it.

Then God brings the people and the actions steps into our lives to help us fulfill our vision. What is the thing you remember most as a child? For me it was camping and staying at my aunt’s little cabin as a kid. We would spend 10 days every summer up there and then whatever weekends we could find. We were blessed that she would allow us to stay there for free. I remember riding motor bikes on the dirt roads, evening drives with the family looking for animals, floating the river, fishing in Henrys Lake with my Dad and Grandpa, roasting marshmallows in the fire pit, and playing Atari with the family. These are the moments I cherish most and remember clearly.

I always wanted a place like that to create lasting memories for my kids, parents, and future generations. I also know my Dad has always had a dream of having a cabin on the lake that we love to fish at. I think about my aunt’s cabin and how it was from her husbands family and how MY LIFE’S favorite memories were created there. I want to create a LEGACY and provide for our future generations a place of memories. I want a place I can go to for relaxing and visualizing our dreams and goals. I know that YOU can DREAM BIG and with discipline, passion, and consistency you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. I’m here to give you FREE advice and tips because I want YOU to WIN at life.

Scottie Hobbs vision
Scottie Hobbs goals
Scottie Hobbs cabin