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Trina Gray
I often get the question about how to approach a health club about the Beachbody opportunity. I am happy to share. I am *NOT* the one and only expert on the topic. Heck no, I’m just one opinion on it and have some experience with it. This has been on my list for a month, thought I’d knock it out today!  Eat that Frog! This message along with the video can answer some questions!

* There are 100 ways to work this business. All gyms and studios– just like all coaches — have different goals, different vibes, different niches. You have to tailor a coaching plan that fits their gym and their members. That takes asking a lot of questions, reviewing what they provide to their members right now, and filling some holes in their current offerings.

* One of my friends on the team owns a studio and runs the 3-day Refresh monthly and does really well with helping members “purge” their bad habits and start fresh every month. The clients purchase the 3-day Refresh CP and get their clients on Shakeology HD. For no extra charge, the members get some live bonus small group workouts and lots of additional coaching and support — from cleaning out their cars to cleaning out their cupboards to cleaning up their calendars! It’s a PROGRAM more than just a PRODUCT. It incorporates Beachbody into the gym in a meaningful, specific way.

* Another gym that I work with has a thriving Beachbody LIVE department. They really focus on driving membership by promoting their LIVE workouts and the brand recognition of P90X, PiYo, Insanity, Turbo, Cize etc. They also run monthly challenge groups with live workouts, at home workouts to supplement, BB food plans and Shakeology. They put them into teams and their coaches/trainers offer additional support. This is brilliant obviously!

become a beachbody coach

*At my clubs, we really do a bit of all of it at this point! We have tons of live Beachbody classes, Shakeology in the gym and in our camps, monthly challenge groups, lots of employees and members as coaches. Our main focuses right now are Shakeology and the business opportunity. But we didn’t start there….we got there. We aren’t a Beachbody gym. We are a community health club that has some great strategic partnerships with other brands in fitness that add value to our own.

I often equate my gym “alignment” with Beachbody with like I “partner” with other amazing brands like Under Armour (for attire) and Hammer Strength and TRX (for equipment). It’s smart to align with other top brands. And doing so doesn’t TAKE AWAY from the gym’s brand, it adds to it. I add a virtual group ex department, a virtual nutrition department and virtual coaching department to my gym with literally no additional overhead! WOW!

Again, there are many other ways to look at it. But this type of philosophy resonates with others I work with. If you want to go down this road, just make sure you’re equipped to mentor and coach and provide resources that fit them! Make it a great experience by offering a simple plan tailored to them. That is just my two cents, but of course we’re all independent coaches and you can do what you want!

This 12-minute video offers a few ideas on how to talk to gyms to START with and a few first steps. **Reading the above message will put the video into perspective.** I could lecture on this for an entire day (yawn, right?) but truly there are really really great ways to combine LIVE fitness with AT HOME fitness and GREAT nutrition and ONLINE support.

It’s an awesome combination. But overwhelming a gym owner or manager with TOO MUCH is a quick route to “no.” We already run a business and the thought of taking on another is overwhelming. Instead, show how they can incorporate Beachbody programs, products and awesome brand recognition into their existing business model and solve their clients’ nutritional needs. Happy clients STAY and BUY more!

A few, simple ideas on Beachbody in gyms from Trina Gray on Vimeo.


Whew! I hope some of this helps.

p.s. Want to talk to a gym? Show YOUR support! Attend their classes, supplement your own at home workouts with live workouts, meet people, get involved and lead with integrity. Don’t see them as “volume,” see them as a partner who can help us end the trend, right? Help them add additional revenue to their gym so that they CAN stay in business and pursue their mission!