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How do I log my workout in the WOWY Supergym?

How do I log my workout in the WOWY Supergym?

Who doesn’t want the chance to win $500 daily in the WOWY Supergym daily sweepstakes!  How do I log my workout in the WOWY Supergym? All you need to do is log in your workout everyday and wait for your turn to win!  We have had so many people win from our team in the past 3 months that it is incredible!  We have actually had three $500 winners in the past 3 months alone!   Decide, Commit, and Succeed!  Why not win some free money along the way!


1.) First thing you will want to do is log into your new Team Beachbody account.   If you do not have one you can create one by clicking HERE  or the button which will also make me your free Beachbody coach.

2.)  Next you will want to click on the SUPERGYM button (find the arrow in my picture).  It is found on the left hand side under Home and My Dashboard!

Click photo to enlarge

3.) Next go to the top right hand side where the ARROW is and click EDIT WORKOUT PREFRENCES.  From here you will be able to pick out all of the workouts and excersises that you will be doing.  Click the box next to all of them that you will be doing.  (You can add more whenever by clicking this edit workout preferences link.)  This does not need to be done everytime!  Just the first time you go to log your very first workout.

4.) Now that you have chosen your workout preferences you are ready to actually log your workout! You will be on the page that now shows your workout calendar.  This is where we where before we clicked on the EDIT WORKOUT PREFRENCES linkClick on the workout progran and then choose the actual workout from the disc you will be doing that day!  Once you do this the there will be a time tracker and it will let you know when it is finished!

5.) You can post a message to the boards where it says CURRENT MESSAGE and then SHARE with the world which workout you are doing via the Twitter and Facebook button!

6. Make sure that you have put a picture in your profile when you set up your information.  This is done from the drop down menu of the home page.  This is where everybody can see who you are and you can keep track of your goals and ambitions.

WOWY SuperGym® Sweepstakes official rules.


I hope I have answered your question of how do I log my workout in the WOWY Supergym?  If you have any additional questions please feel free to CONTACT ME .